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At Westchester Area Rug Cleaners we provide a wide range of professional cleaning services throughout Manhattan, including carpet and rug cleaning, carpet and rug repair, pet stain removal and upholstery cleaning.

Our number one goal is providing a great service at an affordable price. We use biodegradable, 100% non-toxic products, and offer individual solutions with affordable prices. We at Westchester Area Rug Cleaners are committed to quality customer service. We will do our best for our customers.

Your carpets are being challenged every day with dirt and grime constantly being trodden into their fibers. This is why having them cleaned regularly, by professionals, is the best way to keep them in great shape. Look no further than Westchester Area Rug Cleaners.

We clean all kinds of carpets, using methods such as dry, shampoo and steam cleaning. We use only biodegradable, environmentally-friendly cleaning solutions, which are effective in combating dirt, gentle on the material and kind to your kids and pets health.

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140 Pelham Rd 10805 New Rochelle NY United States
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