Physical Therapy Exercise for Improved Posture: Hip Flexor Stretch

Bad posture is a common problem these days. There are several reasons behind the issue, including working for more extended periods. Long working hours can be tiring and challenging. They require a lot of effort and end up with hip or back pain. Sitting on a working desk for hours can be easier with physical therapy. Yes, you read it right. Physical therapy Des Moines offers you a painless working routine with improved posture. It is not only about moving here and there or following knee bends. The therapy focuses on posture correction and strengthening of muscles. As a result, you achieve your stability goals. Now coming to one of the most effective PT exercises for posture issues, which is hip flexor.

Hip Flexor Stretch

Hip flexors need a good stretch for reduced lower back pain, which is common these days. Stretching them correctly can help you get rid of pain while improving posture.

  1. Sit in a high kneeling position, one leg knee down with the other in a forward position. The foot of the kneeling leg should be flat on the ground.

  2. With the help of buttock muscles, try to bring your hips forward.

  3. Keep your back straight while trying to move forward until you feel the pull from the knee of the leg, which is on the ground. Hold the position for at least 15-20 seconds. Repeat a few times. 


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