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Vic is pretty much aware of and disturbed by the fact even though education is a crucial and integral part of a better tomorrow, numerous brilliant students are giving up their dreams of pursuing higher education. The cost of acquiring higher education is exorbitantly high in the reputed American universities and also colleges. The education expenses are constantly going up. As such, some students with financial constraints are finding it hard to sustain without concrete monetary support or assistance from others. Vic Di Criscio has come with the idea of providing monetary aid to underprivileged students in the form of an annual scholarship. Vic wishes to cut down the financial stress associated with getting higher education. His intention is to identify some of the best and most deserving scholars and also providing monetary support or scholarship money of 1000 USD per student annually. Vic Di Criscio is well-known in digital marketing. For his contribution to society and his consistent humanitarian projects. Vic is generous and also passionate about helping others in distress. Numerous bright scholars are giving their dreams of pursuing post-secondary education because the tuition fees and also other living expenses are just not feasible or affordable anymore. Even scholars who had chalked out a clear-cut college savings plan have come to realize that their savings are just not adequate enough to meet all requirements including tuition fees, living costs, or textbook expenses. And also performance-based fellowship. It is gift money that doesn’t need to be return. However, it is only a one-time opportunity. Given to you to avail yourself of the amount for resuming your education.

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