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At Hearing on Call we only sell the newest hearing aids with the latest technology from the leading manufacturers. To meet your individual needs, we can carry many different shapes and styles. Our average customer saves over $2,500 from a quoted price at a local hearing aid center for the same brand and model. If you’re in Wisconsin, Indiana, or Illinois, Hearing on Call offers top-quality hearing aids for you.


We have found that most hearing practices try to justify their outrageous unyielding costs due to ongoing service. At Hearing on Call we don’t feel this is fair to consumers like you. Not only do we offer both bundled (service included) and unbundled (pay as you go) service plans, you will find you still save thousands and get premium technology by working with us. Think of your car. When you purchase it, you have an initial warranty period and you have the option to extend that if you wish. Otherwise, after the initial period, you pay your local mechanic ONLY when you need service along the way. Why should your hearing aids in the greater Chicago area be any different? We want to give you the choice, while still providing a fair price.

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By Digital Hearing Aids - The New Hearing Aid Technology, Cary-IL

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