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Greeting! Retrofit & Fan Array HVAC Systems NY, business of three brothers formed in 2015, Family of innovators, thinkers, creators, explorers, and specialists at learning speciality, who blended a wealthy history of fifty years of progress in commercial, institutional, and innovational HVAC markets, 

The team of experts at Baikal Mechanical develops HVAC Engineering solutions of any complexity, We use state of art 3D CAD software and six sigma statistical methods, Baikal Mechanical is an innovative developer and manufacturer of Heating, Ventilation, and Air Conditioning (HVAC) products, We develop creative and innovative solutions utilizing the latest tools and technologies to provide practical answers to complex situations.


Products that made by Retrofit & Fan Array HVAC Systems NY are fan wall, custom exhaust fans, cooling towers, custom air handling units, plenum-exhaust fans, mushroom fans, humidification section, air purification section, air filtration system, window HEPA filter fans, portable HEPA filter fans, portable air purifier, Contact us for any further information.

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148 Greene St #545 10012 New York NY United States
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