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The experienced restoration experts at Mid-Ohio Cleaning & Restoration are IICRC certified and deliver a wide selection of restoration services. We specialize in water,fire,smoke, mold, COVID-19 sanitation, carpet cleaning, pack out and also reconstruction services. We use a range of state of the art equipment to help dry your homes from water damage ext. and meet your restoration needs and get your property back to its pre-damaged state. If your home has experienced any type of water damage such as a flood, busted pipe, sewage backup, it’s essential to hire a water damage restoration expert to get to work quickly. Timing is everything when it comes to these types of disasters. When using our damage restoration services, you can always guarantee that your home will be in the safe hands of experienced professionals. At Mid-Ohio Cleaning and Restoration, we work efficiently with insurance companies for water damage, fire, smoke, and mold as well as home and business owners across the state of Ohio to restore your home to its original pre-damaged state following any water damage or fire that has occurred while offering a friendly shoulder to lean on in your time of crisis. We’re an experienced team and we have managed to restore even the most damaged homes from water damage or fire into beautiful family spaces. We GUARANTEE we can improve your property while also keeping the nature of the disaster at hand. Mid-Ohio Cleaning & Restoration handles everything from a simple pipe burst to a sewage backup and everything in between! Fire damage rebuilds are fast and easy. Our experienced restoration experts will arrive fast and attend to the health and safety of your family and pets! If you need to restore your home or business back to its original state, call us today at 419-775-7663 to book our services

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