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If the appearance of the carpet has changed, specific odors have appeared, or it has simply not been dry-cleaned for a long time, those are all reasons to contact our carpet cleaning service.

●     Changing the original color. Sometimes the owners forget how their carpet looked at the time of purchase. We will return it to its original state.

●     Unpleasant odors. These can include smells from cigarettes, drinks, food, animals, dampness, and so on. We will eliminate odors along with pollution.

●     Broken structure. Over time, the villi are crushed and  footprints appear. The adhesion of the villi should be eliminated by professional means. The most effective way is to do it in a factory dry cleaning environment.

●     Abundance of organic and other types of dust. An excellent breeding ground for fungi and ticks. Cleaning will get rid of pollution, prevent allergies, and asthma.

Call Silk Rug and Carpet Cleaning NJ to learn more (732)-994-2347!

Call Silk Rug and Carpet Cleaning NJ to learn more (732)-994-2347!

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