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Alzheimer’s Research Association is now offering grants to the overworked families of the Alzheimer’s and dementia patients. We want to help ease your financial burden, at least a little bit, for you and your household.

If you find yourself in the position of becoming a caregiver for an Alzheimer’s patient you are most likely overwhelmed with the amount of time, patience, and general lack of knowledge about Alzheimer’s disease.

Fear not, you have found a place to get all the answers to all your questions and help you with cope with this dreaded disease.

It is our goal and mission to get you the right information, and keep you up to date on everything in the Alzheimer’s world. We are devoted to giving you that information and making your Caregiving experience as easy and as rewarding as possible. After all information is power, power to tackle this job we call Caregiving.

For Caregivers that are just starting on this journey we recommend that you read our Guidebook: The Alzheimer's Guidebook For Caregivers it will answer a lot of your questions and make your Caregivng experience more rewarding.

We also recommend that you become a member of the Alzheimer's Research Association. And receive all the benefits of full membership.

We here at the Alzheimer’s Research Association do not intend for our organization to be in competition with the various organizations that dedicates itself to the race for a cure, but to compliment them by focusing our efforts on just the caregiver.


By Alzheimer’s Research Association

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