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Auto Insurance is a legal requirement in California and we must comply with the law to avoid serious problems in the event of an accident. If you are looking for affordable car insurance, look no further! Just Auto Insurance offers the lowest rates on the market, DUI? License suspended? Tickets? Accidents? No problem. Just Auto Insurance has a solution for you. Our specialist will create the perfect program to meet all your insurance needs.

Just Auto insurance has the lowest rates on the market and we offer a variety of coverage and companies for ANY DRIVER. You can also call us to get a free quote or complete our online insurance quote form for a quick response. No one is rejected.

There are several other types of coverage available to you, at the time of purchase, ask your Just Auto Insurance representative to advise you which is the best option for you.

The liability coverage is the most common insurance that people request. The minimum amount of liability insurance that you must have in your policy is:

$ 15,000 per injured person

$ 30,000 per accident

$ 5,000 to the property


Just Auto Insurance can help you protect your assets and comply with commercial regulations. The main commercial insurance coverage: Workers’ Compensation protects employees from on the job injuries and illnesses. The policy pays directly for medical bills, rehabilitation from injuries, and lost wages.

Commercial General Liability covers losses due to negligence, products, completed operations and premises of the business. Business Automobile coverage insures against negligent operations of business owned automobiles by owners or employees.

Professional liability insures against errors or omissions by the business in its professional capacity to give advice, engineer properly, consult, plan or otherwise render services.

The professionals at Just Auto Insurance help you design and implement the best combination of policies for your protection.



Our house is our greatest asset and investment

Insurance companies recognize this fact and provide many ways to eliminate the risk of loss of this asset. Yes. Just Auto Insurance home insurance policies can be designed to reflect the values of your property and your taste for risk.


Just Auto Insurance can help you protect your assets and comply with truck regulations.


Motorcycle coverage is similar to automobile insurance in format; however, insurance companies evaluate the risk differently. The specialists at Just Auto Insurance match the best insurance coverage to your specific equipment and needs.. You should consider each of these features when choosing motorcycle insurance: Liability Insurance covers damage to other people’s property and injuries to others arising out of your operation of a motorcycle. Collision coverage reimburses you for damage to your motorcycle when you either wreck it, overturn it, or someone else damages it and does not pay for the damage.

Uninsured motorist coverage acts as the at-fault uninsured or under insured motorist’s insurance policy on your behalf when someone harms you or damages your bike in an accident.

One example is a hit and run incident; your company pays you as though they were the other driver’s insurance carrier.


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