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Are you in the Long Island area and in need of a locksmith? We are here to the rescue! Straus Emergency Locksmith have been well-known for more than a decade in the area. Whether you need commercial locksmith services, residential locksmith, or automotive locksmith, we are the ones to call. Our pricing is low, yet the service quality is at the top. Do not hesitate to call us for fast service or inquiries - we are available and ready. Bringing back your safety and regaining your peace of mind is our profession.A locksmith is not only the one to repair your lock. Of course, locksmiths will always do that job as well, but there is so much more to this profession.Locksmiths can maintain and restore the security of each property you have - house, office, car - by providing you with the latest solutions, such as specific security system installations, new keying systems, etc.Locksmiths are also the ones who will jump in when you have a lock-related emergency. At Locksmith Long Island, we are the ones you can always depend on, whatever your security issue might be. For more details visit us at Locksmith Astoria or contact us at 917-962-0024, Address-2809 Steinway St,Astoria,NY,11103 #StrausEmergencyLocksmith #locksmithastoriany #24hourlocksmith #emergencylocksmith #Astoria #NY.

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2809 Steinway St Astoria Astoria NY United States
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