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How Do Bail Bonds Work And Why It’s The Quickest Solution To Help Someone In Jail When a criminal suspect is arrested, there are certain procedures that must be followed. First, the suspect must be prosecuted in police custody, and then the eligibility for the bail must be completed. The bail of a suspect can be granted in exchange for the payment of a specific amount of money (bond). What is a bond? The bond is money or other property that is deposited in court to ensure that the accused person will return to court when ordered. If the offender returns to court as per given date, the bond will be returned at the end of the case. It doesn’t matter if the suspect is convicted or not. However, if the defendant does not appear in court when bail conditions are required or violated, the court will confiscate the bail and will not be returned. The Eighth amendment to the United States Constitution prohibits excessive bail. The purpose of the bonds is to ensure that an arrested person appears in court when ordered. 

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