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 You must remain in prison unless you pay. This fee is called a gem. If you pay, you can go free until his trial. One of the jewels is not getting any cheaper. 2015 felony bail has increased to $ 20,000. If you can not make bail for it, what will you do? You will wait for a court date to sit in jail? No, you should, because it still does not have the option of getting the debt service jewel. What is the deposit? There is no fixed amount of jewelry for each offense. The way your jewelry to go there are factors common have a high impact: the defendant age of the accused, their rates of other current will change depending on how big of a risk to the courts does not appear in the background court fees criminal for example, it is rising. If the court does not look to see the great danger of the court, you will be charged a higher rate of jewelry. Note that you live in a state that is much jewelry will change the way to go. What is the deposit? If you can not make bail in cash, you can get a combination of jewelry. 

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