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If the defendant can not be returned to prison within that period, the guarantor is legally obligated to pay to the clerk of the court for the full amount of the debt; This process is called "missing link." When this happens, it is the responsibility of the bond for the "damage" amount withheld. The agent can return to the defendant to 10 months custody and received back all or part of the confiscated money. This feeling of "damages" in the jewel-like bond if the defendant was responsible and / or become a risk to leave the jurisdiction does not appear in court, the bond has the power to cancel the participation of the detainee and return. After the defendant returned to prison, it is the responsibility "compensation". How drinker days bales bail tteoolrigoeul many people in the United States for the first time all messages gems for people worried released from prison, people need something to do in your life, but not every day. When a person has to be the first to recover and are often one of the big questions is how do I work jewelry? Actually, 

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