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Protection for anyone, anything, anyplace.© Mossad was built upon a very solid foundation to best serve our clients. From management to personnel (we hire the best and provide advanced training to enhance skills, when required), few companies can compete with our experience or the variety of premium investigation and security services we offer. From equipment to vehicles, we have the most modern equipment to get the job done. From our work commitment to our competitive price structure, we’re set up to provide client satisfaction with well-designed security solutions. People and businesses here can always be assured of fast, professional response and premium service. Whatever the security issues you’re facing, Mossad will come up with a custom security solution at a reasonable cost. The very next time you have a situation that requires premium investigation or security service, contact Mossad. Receive a FREE quote (800.322.4347); or Get A Quote one that won’t go up once the job is completed. Let one of our helpful representatives handle your situation so you don’t have to worry any longer. You’ll quickly find out why Mossad is one of New York’s premiere and fastest growing security companies. You’ll never feel more secure than when you’re a satisfied client, protected by Mossad. Remember our slogan: PROTECTION FOR ANYONE, ANYTHING, ANYPLACE. © We’re ready to serve you or your business with our premium services. Call now to get more, for less.

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1453 44 Street 11219 Brooklyn NY United States
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