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The anxiety from selling a property can be just as frightening as free falling from the sky without a parachute. We do the heavy lifting to make fair and timely offers with a simple purchase plan so that you have peace of mind and a safe landing.

Safe Landing Property Solutions, LLC is a professional, full service real estate solutions firm that buys and sells properties throughout Northwest Florida. We specialize in buying distressed homes at a significant discount, renovate and resell them to retail home buyers and landlords.


We are fortunate to say that Pensacola is our home and we pride ourselves on rejuvenating and uplifting the city one property at a time.


How we can help:


  • Pay cash for houses in any condition

  • Buy properties As-Is, no repairs necessary

  • Close quickly and/or flexibly if desired

  • Give sellers the ability to leave behind any unwanted personal belongings

  • Practice ethics and integrity to create smooth transactions and happy sellers

By Safe Landing Property Solutions LLC

4762 Ashley Place Blvd 32571 Pace FL United States
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