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  1. We must know our clients’ businesses—and organizations—as well as they do
    We are not selling technology but rather an enterprise-wide solution that depends on understanding the culture, values and domain knowledge of the organization.

  2. It will take artificial intelligence to realize the full promise of data
    Gaining useful analysis and insight from massive volumes and multiple sources of data requires cognitive computing, which lets computers reason in the way humans do.

  3. The most important computer language is natural language
    People should be able to interact with a computer system in the same way they interact with their coworkers.

  4. Artificial Intelligence can augment but never replace human intelligence
    The future of business depends on the primacy of human judgment at its highest levels.

  5. With great power comes great responsibility
    We didn’t make this belief up, of course. But we believe the transformative power of cognitive computing should be used in ways that improve the human condition and our planet’s.

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