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Predict outcomes and trade shares in real time from a wide selection of different sports and sporting events!


At SportsSwaps.eu we pride ourselves in offering a safe and secure trading environment to give you peace of mind regarding your privacy and online security. We use the latest in encryption technology and can assure you that your privacy is our top priority.


SportsSwaps is an exciting, new, real money site that tests your knowledge of sporting events by letting you make and trade predictions on the future.


Taking part in SportsSwaps is simple and easy. Pick an event you know something about and see what other traders believe is the likelihood it will happen. Do you think they have it right? Or do you think you have the knowledge to beat the wisdom of the crowd?


Make your predictions when most people disagree with you and the price is low. When it turns out that your view may be right, the value of your predictions will rise. You’ll need to choose the best time to sell!

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