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Alternative To Meds Center is a licensed, 18-bed, residential integrative behavioral health facility specializing in treating mental health, psychiatric medication tapering, and dual diagnosis located in a retreat-like setting in Sedona, Arizona. Founded in 2006, ATMC specializes in helping people remove the toxicity and dependency from prescription medication using orthomolecular medicine and holistic psychiatry, and determining the root cause of mental illness and dual diagnosis through around-the-clock, supervised, medication withdrawal in a relaxed, loving and safe environment. Through lab testing and other assessments, the Center identifies addictive biochemistry and other root causes for drug dependency and specializes in integrative mental health, addiction treatment, as well as antipsychotic withdrawal, antidepressant withdrawal, and benzodiazepine withdrawal. Individualized treatment is tailor-designed for each client to remove toxins, rebalance body and brain chemistry, and create a new pathway toward natural well-being.

Orthomolecular Medicine

Holistic Psychiatry

Medication Withdrawal

Integrative Mental Health

Addiction Treatment

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Alternative treatment for mental health

Nutritional Psychiatry

Orthomolecular medicine

Integrative psychiatry

Holistic Psychiatry

Hours open: 24 hours

Payment Methods: PPO Insurance, Cashier's Check, bank wire, direct deposit

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40 Goodrow Ln 86336 Sedona AZ United States
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