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Whether your home needs a few repairs or you want to build a new shed, I can tackle the job. Many homeowners hire a handyman to take care of many projects around the house that never seem to get done. Perhaps you noticed some rotting wood in your deck, or need some kitchen fixtures replaced. I eagerly handlejobs both large and small with reliable service and quality customer care.Dave has 30 years experience on welding and can build or repair gates or anything else you might need welded.Obviously, it’s impossible to list every sort of handyman job. However, the following information is provided to give you a better idea of the kind of work we typically do.Realtors who are selling a home often create a punch list to make sure a home looks its best for potential buyers. It’s human nature to quickly identify flaws. If a potential home buyer spots a cracked piece of sheetrock or a broken fixture, they will focus on the flaw regardless of how much they love the house. My handyman service is perfectly suited to the needs ofrealtors who want to make a property look its best before staging.Private sellers should also develop comprehensive punch lists before putting their home up for sale. Simply give me a call, hand me the punch list, and I will get to work.Dave’s Help also works with contractors who need to close out a punch list to get a job done. With experience in all of the disciplines listed on this page, there are few jobs we can’t tackle.If you have any questions about Dave’s Help punch list services, simply give us a call.

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