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Intrust IT is an information technology support company located in Cincinnati Ohio that is committed to helping small and medium sized companies use technology securely and productively to increase revenue, decrease costs, and minimize risks.

Central to how Intrust operates are open and transparent financials. That means that Intrust shares all the financial information about the company with all the employees. Intrust employees also receive financial literacy training so that everyone knows what the numbers mean. It's called the Great Game of Business because there are rules to follow, we keep score and everyone has a stake in the outcome.   Being trusted with important financial information means that everyone at Intrust feels valued and integral to our company. This feeling carries over to longer employee retention and the ability to hire the best people. If you want to play for our team, check out our openings.                                                                                                                                   At Intrust, we don't operate under the traditional command and control management structure.  Instead, employees are empowered to do what they need to fulfill the purpose of the roles they hold.  In addition, all employees have a say in how the company is structured - not just a few select executives.  That means leadership and responsibility are distributed among all the employees.

This type of structure is not for everyone.  You need to be able to make decisions, solve your own problems and be able to work closely with others as part of a team. For Cincinnati IT careers, this is a place for people who like to be challenged and to grow continuously.  If you would like to learn more about how Intrust operates, check out what Forbes magazine had to say about Holacracy at Intrust.

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