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Equity Builders Roofing is a quality home improvement contractor. We are centrally located in the city of Bloomington Indiana, and we serve most of Monroe County.  

Owner, Doug Schmidt, has over 30 years of hands on experience in building homes from the ground up. Although we are general contractors, we focus on new gutter installation, roofing installation, and siding replacement.  

Our speciality is shingle roofing installation, replacement, and repair. We can find all of the sources of your problems. We have years of experience in pinpoint the exact area of water entry into your home and attic, and we can find those entry points all through the roof. If we find that the cause of your problems originated from natural occurrences like wind damage or hail damage, then we can work with your insurance company. We can meet their adjuster on the roof and allow them to examine all of the trouble areas that we've uncovered, and we can work with them to cover the majority of your repair or replacement costs. In the event that your insurance company will not cover any of our findings, then we offer financing to make your new roof replacement both manageable and affordable. For the price of 2 cups of coffee a day you can have a newer roof that looks stunning and protects your home for years to come. We are here to help in any way that we can.  

A second common service that we offer in metal roofing installation. We can install metal onto both commercial and residential properties. Metal is increased in popularity over the years because the cost has come down significantly, as more manufactures have come onto the scene driving costs lower and lower, and secondly because metal roofing is intended to hold up for nearly a century. A 50-year roof sounds appealing to most homeowners because essentially they may never have to worry about replacing their roof again in their lifetime.  

Other than new roof installation, we also offer leaking roof detection and repair services. Again, we can find the source of any leak that is causing water to enter your home. We can either seal 

the affected areas, or we can replace sections of the roof so that it may likely be most cost effective on your pocketbook.  

We're here to help. Pick up the phone and give us a call today. We offer Free, No Hassle, No Commitment, estimates and property inspections. Don't let your leak turn into mold or cause other serious damage. Give us a call--Today!

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