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Getting a tattoo is not as simple as having an artist draw a design on your body. The image may have to be adjusted to suit its placement on the skin. The entire design might be reinterpreted in a stylized way that makes it more unique or personal. We will keep improving and redrawing the design until you are 100 percent happy with the way it looks. Our cosmetic tattoos are designed in much the same way. Our expert makeup artists go over the different possibilities with you and help you choose the most flattering and natural-looking shades of ink. For both types of tattoos, you will be given precise instructions and products for helping them heal properly. The Bone Deep Tattoo facility in Camarillo, CA, is completely up to code, and we exceed all safety and hygiene protocols. We welcome clients of all ages and genders, and you will never feel that you are not cool or experienced enough to be getting tattoos and piercings from us. Additionally, we are a family-friendly shop, so you can feel safe bringing your children here for your consultation or final appointment. There are many reasons why we have an excellent reputation in Ventura County. Stop in today and see for yourself.

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2551 Ventura Blvd 93036 Oxnard, CA United States
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