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Do you need tree removal in the Knoxville TN area? Then you should contact Hancock Tree Service. We are a Tree Services company that has been servicing the Knoxville TN area for over 6 years. We are licensed, bonded and insured. Serving you as our customer is our top priority in caring for the trees on your property.


We offer a wide variety of services including Tree Removal, Tree Trimming, Tree Topping, Stump Grinding, Brush Chipping, Storm Damage, Lot Clearing, and Leaf Removal.


Tree Removal


Allow one of our tree specialists to asses your trees and address your issues safely and efficiently. No matter the size of the tree, whether it's commercial or residential, Hancock Tree Services will complete the job to your satisfaction guaranteed.


Tree Topping


To maintain the health and appearance of a tree, they sometimes need to be trimmed. Tree topping is a method of pruning the tree the focuses on reducing the hight of the tree by removing bigger branches. This encourages the tree to grow in a healthy manner for years to come.


Tree Trimming


Our service is designed to leave minimal impact on your property. This is why our professionals use pully systems to carefully lower limbs during trimming. We also use spike-free climbing to ensure the trees remain healthy.


Lot Clearing


If you are planning to develop a plot of land that has been unused for a long time, then you will definitely need to have it cleared. This complicated process has a lot of factors to consider. This is is why you need to hire professionals to assess and clear your land safely.


Brush Chipping


Are your brushes looking a little overgrown? Our brush chipping services will have them looking shapely and healthy in no time. Our reliable arborists have the best tools to carry out the job. Not only will this enhance the appeal of your property, but also keep your brushes growing healthy and strong.


Stump Grinding


Every once in awhile a tree needs to be chopped down. It can be due to safety concerns, it could interfere with cable lines, or just be a hazard to falling. After you've chopped down a tree you're just left with the stump. They are un-appealing on the property and difficult to remove on your own. Our highly skilled professionals will come out and grind that stump away keeping your property looking beautiful.


Leaf Removal


When the seasons start to change, so do the trees on your property. Their leaves begin to change colors and fall to the ground. As pretty as they may be, they eventually clutter up your lawn. No matter the size of your yard, leaf removal is time-consuming and often exhausting. Our expert leaf removal service will keep our property looking healthy and clean all year long.


Storm Damage


A storm can severely damage trees. At times they can be saved by trimming and pruning broken branches. In some cases, the tree must be removed if it is too damaged. If you suspect your tree has been damaged due to a storm please contact Hancock Tree Service to asses the situation quickly and safely.



Hancock Tree Service provides a wide array of services dedicated to keeping your property looking great. If you need a tree removed, trimmed, or just want to up the appeal of your property, contact us today.

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