Botox For Migraines




Botox for migraines is becoming an increasing useful tool for doctors, and injections of Botox in the forehead remains one of the most popular aesthetic treatments for fine lines and wrinkles. But your team at Albany County Dental Associates relies on the popular treatment primarily to complement your other cosmetic dental procedures, such as: A smile makeover, Dental veneers, Implants. 


Additionally, your dentist in the Albany area may use Botox for TMJ treatments. Temporomandibular joint disorder, or TMJ, can cause intense jaw pain. Since your dentist deals with issues all around your mouth, it makes sense to treat jaw pain.


While Botox is primarily used in the domain of aestheticians and cosmetic surgeons, it’s becoming more common to see other professionals rely on the botulinum toxin for a variety of reasons, as noted in TIME magazine: “Botox — the wrinkle-smoother that exploded as a cultural phenomenon and medical triumph — is increasingly being drafted for problems that go far beyond the cosmetic.” So it’s not that extraordinary to see your family dentist taking advantage of the popular treatment.

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