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Dynamic Disc Designs Corp. is a spine education company focused on delivering patient education 3d models to optimize the engagement process of patient care. Each dynamic model is handcrafted to assure quality and realism to assist the chiropractor, physical therapist, osteopath and/or medical doctor to help with a patient's understanding of their spine condition and any current treatment.Dynamic Disc Designs Corp. (ddd) is a leader in 3d modeling bringing dynamic models to the market. Since 2006, ddd has been creating and handcrafting models for global production bridging the patient engagement process for spine related disorders to assist physicians and therapists caring for those with low back and neck pain. At the roots of ddd is the founder and chiropractor, Dr. Jerome Fryer, who is also involved in research and private practice. Explaining pain can be a challenge with static models as symptoms are usually dynamic in nature. With the creation of spine models that are flexible, accurate and dynamically move with greater realism of anatomy, now patients can clearly understand their motions, postures and loads to bring a greater sense of self awarenes.

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