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What if… you could work exclusively with your own top level stylist …right here in west Prescott? A stylist who’s been helping men figure out their look for over 25 years? What if… you had direct access to your stylist? No front desk people, no hassle? What if you could book with him directly by phone or jump online at 2 am and book your own service in less than a minute? What if… getting your hair cut was one of the most relaxing things you did each month? What if… for that half hour, you could just forget about all the weight you carry, all the things on your to do list and all the people you take care of and just relax, breathe and have someone focus on you? What if it’s more than a haircut? As men, we carry the world on our backs. We look out for our wives, our kids, our employers and our communities. We make sure everyone else is getting what they need. We go and we go and we go. And if we’re lucky, we love it! In that world, a haircut is just another hassle. Let’s face it… we’re never going to make it to the spa or the massage studio…. it’s just not gonna happen. If you’re this guy… Hair By Joey is designed with you in mind.. We figure you have to get a regular haircut so why not make THAT time your recharge time? Our one of a kind, Zen inspired, private hair studio provides a place for you to slow down. When you walk in the door, you begin to breathe a little slower. By the time you leave it’s not just your hair that’s been next leveled… its your whole outlook.

By Hair By Joey - Hair Salon Prescott

1569 West Gurley St 86303 Prescott AZ United States
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