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At Attic Solutions, our primary concern is to exceed customers’ expectations. We are experts for crawl spaces and attics and can setup vapor barriers, remove and replace insulation, as well as help with rodent infestation and perform a professional and thorough cleaning to help you get rid of any debris or dead insects and pests. Whether you have a rodent problem in your property and you need someone to safely remove dead rodents or seal up areas where they could be getting in, we can provide assistance to you. It's our goal to provide safe removal and cleanup from rodent populations to prevent them from ever coming back into your property. We are well versed with the rodent population in the Bay Area and from our experience working in this region we can let you know about problem areas in home construction as well as seasonal concerns for rodents throughout the year. Our trained staff of professionals help homeowners and business owners make your property more energy-efficient as well. We will help you save on energy bills by properly insulating your home to prevent heat and cooling loss from your property over time.

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