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Little Law Group's philosophy is to provide prompt solution to individuals no matter who they are. At Little Law Group, we don't simply use solutions but we also make an effort to listen to your needs too. Operating in Las Vegas, NV, Little Law Group specializes in federal charges and sexual assault. Moreover, Little Law Group's also renders criminal defense like criminal law as well as criminal law for those who wish to seek proper legal representation. Their white collar crimes such as car accident lawyer, personal injury lawyer, and car accident attorney are sought-after as well. Headed by Seth Little, Little Law Group gives an assortment of white collar crimes. Little Law Group has an established process that lets them provide solutions that will upgrade the lives of their clients. These are executed by an authorized and professional team. At Little Law Group, we are dedicated to giving the most comprehensive employment law solutions that our customers expect.  

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4101 Meadows Ln Suite 210 89107 Las Vegas NV United States
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