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A night guard, also known as a bite guard or a dental mouth guard are used at night to defend a person’s teeth, as well other vigorous structures simply by offering a shielding barrier in regards of the upper and lower portions of a person’s teeth.

Once again, what may be best for me in regards of a night guards could very well, be a horrid experience for you. Atlantic Dental Smile strives to make this experience easier. If your dentist doesn’t yet work with Atlantic Dental Smile, just ask!

At Atlantic Dental Smile our bite splints can make a world of difference for your bruxing and grinding patients, alleviating pain and preventing further destruction of existing healthy dentition. All our bite splints and night guards are constructed to your occlusal plane specifications on the upper or lower arch. Choose from soft for night guards or select hard for bite splints. No matter which you choose, each appliance will provide excellent fit and retention.

A lot of people, whether they admit it or not have issues with grinding their teeth at night, extreme sounds of snoring and some people even have issues of stopping their breathing.  We are going to go over some guidelines for night guards, as in what they are, what they can be used for and which types of night guards are considered to be the best out on the market.

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