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You may not realize this, but the unwanted and old vehicle that currently sits in your driveway can help improve the education, health and general welfare of underprivileged children all over the world. Stamford, CT Car Donation is ready to help you put your unwanted vehicle to use by making a free, tax-deductible and hassle-free donation to our car donation company.

Our organization assists in funding sponsorship opportunities for at-risk children across the globe by helping residents of Stamford, CT and the rest of the state get rid of their unwanted car Call Stamford, CT Car Donation today at 203-446-3853to donate now.


At Stamford, CT Car Donation, we understand that prospective donors may have questions about what separates us from any other car donation company. Some of the reasons to donate to Stamford, CT Car Donation include Serving All of Stamford, CT County – Our expansive resources enable us to serve resident all over the area, including Stamford, CT and other areas of the state.


Stamford, CT Car Donation allows you to forego the laborious and often expensive process of trying to sell or get rid of your junk car on your own. Over the past 20 years, we’ve mastered the art of seamless, hassle-free acquisition and can immediately provide you with the documentation you need for your taxes. We are also exceedingly proud of our legacy of helping children all over world gain better access to resources that improve their health, literacy and overall quality of life. We are ready to help residents of Stamford, CT County sell their cars, trucks and other vehicles.

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