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NYC Glass Works offers comprehensive solutions for all curtain wall and glass envelop projects.

Curtain wall, also called glass facade or glass envelope, refers to the non-structural outer covering of buildings that are created to keep the weather forces out. They are composed of lightweight material, which includes aluminum frames with glass and metal panels.

Glass partition for office can give the office a modern look with all the functionality and flexibility that any business could desire. Glass partitions are free standing glass walls that can be moved into any configuration that is desired. Glass partitions gives the business owner the flexibility to move the walls at a moments notice.

So, if a big client is coming in for a presentation, the walls can be moved to form a large meeting room with plenty of room for everyone. Glass partition for office are available in sizes ranging from just tall enough to block the view of someone sitting at a desk to floor to ceiling sizes. They can be moved manually or some of them have automatic controls to make moving them from place to place quick and easy.

Glass partitions can be anywhere from clear glass to completely frosted so that no one can see in. Glass partition for office is a great way to showcase a business. They enable the business to have areas of the business that the client can see into from the lobby. The client is able to see the staff hard at work and can imagine that they are working on their business needs. Glass partitions can also be completely frosted for private areas of the office. They can also be any combination of clear to frosted on one partition.

The partition can be completely frosted from the bottom to over half way up and the rest can be clear so that the worker can have their privacy but be able to stand up and see what is going on in the office. The glass partitions can also be etched with the company's name or logo for a professional look. The etchings can be at the top, center or bottom of the glass and the glass that is etched can be clear or frosted for the look that the business wants.



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