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Quattro Tires is an online business which gives you an easy, one stop solution to shop online for different tire models and brands in Canada.

Quattro Tires offer a wide selection of both winter and summer tires, offering the widest tire range possible. We ship across all Canada.

www.quattrotires.com is a company that allows customers to shop for different makes and models of tires and wheels on-line in order to find the type of tire that is best suited for their driving style.

Quattro Tires is committed to offer a variety of makes and models of tires in order to make sure our customers find the tires best suited for their driving needs. We are also committed to offer an unbeatable service and guarantee that the information we collect and our payment methods are entirely secured and apply all standard laws and regulation concerning the protection of your personal information. All tires announced by Quattro Tires are new and are backed by the same guarantee offered by any typical tire garage which is the manufactures guarantee. There for we are committed to offer the best quality tires and a superior customer satisfaction thanks to our qualified and trained personnel. Quattro tires is also committed to offer a simple way to purchase your tires.


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