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Behavior Alternatives is a Mental Health Counseling Practice in Boynton Beach FL founded in 2009 by John Lee LMHC. John brings 27 years of counseling experience to Behavioral Alternatives. The practice provides mental health services to a wide range of people including those from other cultures, and provides therapy to those aged to12-90+. Some insurance and EAP services are accepted. Private pay is encouraged, especially for those who value confidentially. The cost of services are based upon a sliding scale.

Over the years, I've developed a passion for helping others. To really accomplish this meant to leaving my job in the retail business, and becoming at first a substance abuse counselor while going back to college finishing my B.A. degree and then accomplish a master's degree in the field of counseling/psychology. After acquiring my Masters in 1996, I moved to Florida from the Chicago Suburbs. I was hired in September of 1996, by what was then 45th street mental health center.



Another dream I always had was to have my own business. After becoming licensed as a LMHC in 1999, I began providing mental health services Independently on a part time basis while working at the center. Nine years later, I began the process of my own practice which would evolve into a full-time practice.

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2500 Quantum Lakes Dr #203 33426 Boynton Beach FL United States
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