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"""It will all be okay."" That’s how we want you to feel. Relationship issues are hard enough without the fear and uncertainty of a legal process. You need objective guidance and pragmatic solutions. At Wilson Christen LLP, we have a reputation for excellence and integrity. And we help our clients find an efficient path to a constructive resolution. Since 1989, we have built a reputation for legal excellence and integrity. We have been involved in precedent-setting decisions in family law and represented clients at courts of all levels. Our extensive experience means we give you direct and informed advice about your options. Whether your situation leads to negotiation, mediation or litigation, we make the process clear and efficient at each stage. We won’t kid you about what’s possible. We’ll tell you what to expect and help you get there as soon as possible. We’ll explain every alternative and assess which ones to pursue. And we will help you avoid a court battle. But if it comes to that, we’ve been there before with great results. "

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