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Upon returning to the shop we will first create a generic deck of teak that measures the full length and width of your widest points. Starting with raw lumber, we mill our wood to the specific thickness depending on the plank width of each board we will fabricate. After this, the boards are then ripped one by one vertically, at a specific thickness to produce individual planks to be assembled as the deck. Ripping the boards across a true flat sawn board will produce true vertical grain, and thus ensure the longevity of the grain on your finished deck. Placing one plank at a time, the deck is laid out, spaced and caulked. A light sand to remove the extra caulking on both top and bottom of the deck produces our “blank slate” from which we will cut your specific design from. Using the pattern we follow the shape to your exact deck and begin to cut the specific shapes depending on your deck. Once this is complete, we would move on to the challenging part of cutting out the hatches. These cuts are very precise and one mistake will almost certainly cause a rebuild of that section of deck.

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