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NGO MANAGEMENT & ADMINISTRATION - Experience the day-to-day... Samana

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Aldeas de Paz - Peace Villages

Aldeas de Paz - Peace Villages Samana Dominican Republic

2 months ago

NGO MANAGEMENT & ADMINISTRATION - Experience the day-to-day running of a grass-roots NGO

This versatile NGO management & administration experience and observation program gives insight into all aspects of running the Aldeas de Paz Foundation. This program is focused on those who are interested in starting their own charity or want hands-on experience in the day-to-day running of a grass-roots NGO. Volunteers and interns observe and assist the coordinator and director with office work, as well as in-community project support, administrative work and the coordination and supervision of community programs and participating volunteers. The NGO management volunteers and interns also help ensure the well-being of our volunteers and their coordination and full integration into various programs offered, as well as into the social life of the community. The foundation relies on NGO volunteers & interns to ensure smooth operations and therefore requires flexible and dedicated volunteers... Direct work with our primary beneficiaries is an essential part of the work of Aldeas de Paz, so the NGO volunteers and interns are also expected to participate in foundation-wide events and activities involving our beneficiaries.

Volunteer placement, apprenticeship or internship

You can join this program as a volunteer, apprentice or intern. As a volunteer you are free to commit any number of hours per week. That's up to you! As an apprentice or intern however you probably have to fulfill requirements set by your school or university. Please inform us of your school or university internship requirements in advance so that we can work out your personalized work plan together. Also tell us about your personal expectations and goals. We are happy to give students academic credit or provide a report outlining the learning outcomes and deliverables achieved during the placement.

What to expect

The NGO Administration volunteers & interns observe and assist the Coordinator with office work, as well as in-community project support and administrative work and the coordination and supervision of community programs. The NGO Management volunteer/intern will furthermore help to ensure the wellbeing of our volunteers and their full integration into various programs offered, as well as into the social life in Samaná.

Activities for advanced Spanish speakers

Working on public relation projects designed to mobilize community support. These include, but are not limited to: radio broadcasts, participating in neighborhood council meetings, writing bulletins/columns, organizing community projects, working with locals to find new volunteer opportunities, translating newsletters and website information into Spanish.

Activities can include but are not limited to
• Assisting with the coordination of volunteers, including conducting meetings
• Supporting the day-to-day running of the NGO and attending meetings with local actors, authorities and community members
• Shadowing the director/coordinator in general administration and day-to-day tasks
• Working in financial accountability tasks such as financial planning and budgeting
• Attending frequent operational meetings to discuss events at the foundation
• Participating in and remaining informed of all the foundation’s programs
• Assisting with updating social networks and the webpage
• Helping promote our cause online and practicing fundraising through social media and grant writing
• Assisting board meetings, taking useful meeting minutes and preparing reports
• Assisting with editing our monthly newsletter
• Helping with editing information and job descriptions and assisting with updating listing opportunities and forwarding updated information to our international sending agents


No previous experience or special skills are required. A typical NGO administration and management volunteer and intern needs to be enthusiastic, willing to learn, ready for a challenge and has to have a desire to take initiative in coordinating a group of volunteers and daily tasks. Friendliness, care, commitment and patience are among important qualities. The ideal volunteer would have a passion for development aid, some experience in international volunteering and a desire to help other volunteers to have a great stay with us. Activities that a volunteer can participate in are entirely dependent on motivation and previous experience. Staff and other volunteers will support the participant. Basic conversational Spanish is very helpful for some activities but even without knowledge of the Spanish language, there is lots of work to do. To enable deeper integration into the community we provide free Spanish classes on a weekly basis, full support and 24/7 backup. We ask you to bring your laptop as well as a pen drive with you as flexibility regarding your working environment is necessary.


This program is ongoing throughout the whole year

Time Commitment

A minimum time commitment of 2 weeks is required and can be extended up to one year

Placement Location


About your Placement Location

The Aldeas de Paz Foundation headquarters are located in the villages of Samana where this program is located. The town of Samana is the center of the Samana province and peninsula in the north-eastern corner of the Dominican Republic. These villages with about 15000 inhabitants are very peaceful and safe and are constituted by a community with a strong sense of social responsibility. The people themselves consider their towns very safe, there is no more crime here than in any average small European town. The Dominican Republic's countryside as a whole is very peaceful, and certainly one of the safest regions in the Caribbean.

Our Volunteer Guesthouse Apartments and our Host Family home stay

The Foundation’s popular volunteer guesthouse apartments are located in the center of the seaside towns of Samaná and las Terrenas, both scenic, laid back and peaceful towns, with friendly and easy-going Dominicans, living their life with tourism, agriculture and fishing activities, all set to the beat and rhythms of Merengue, Bachata and Salsa music. Our Volunteer Guesthouse Apartments are extremely conveniently located only a few minutes from school or the hospital, the village center and to the beaches and the Malecon, the gorgeous seaside walking promenade, where you will find a lot of restaurants, bars and shops. The villages and their surroundings are very safe and our apartments in Samana and Las Terrenas have lovely neighbors who constantly look after us. All important locations are only minutes away and it’s safe to walk at night. A shared room with three beds is the standard option. Upgrades are available for double and single room occupancy and home stay with our lovely host family. Free wifi and access to a washing machine is, of course, standard at all Aldeas de Paz facilities. Living together with volunteers from all over the world is a unique chance for cultural exchange and can be an exciting and new way of living compared to anything you’ve ever experienced before. It has certainly been a key experience in the lives of many past volunteers! Volunteers work and live together and learn how to be empathetic and considerate of others’ needs. They often share their free time, house cleaning tasks and cooking (optional). It means they also become close, develop lifelong friendships and have immense fun along the way! We feel that it is important to highlight that we have created an environment of respect and consideration.

Program Highlights
• Experience the Dominican style of live and chill by the rhythm of Caribbean music!
• Gain Spanish fluency with the help of our free Spanish classes and share daily life with locals
• Become more passionate about your studies and propel your career with international experience!
• Make memories you never forget during weekend excursions with your fellow participants!
• Enjoy the gorgeous beaches of Samana, climb the mountain peaks of Pico Duarte and visit historical sites in Santo Domingos' colonial town!

Travel Logistics

The Foundation will do everything to make sure our volunteers remain safe during their arrival and stay in the Dominican Republic. On arrival at the airport you will be welcomed by our english speaking driver who will help you personally during your transit from the airport to the bus terminal granting you peace of mind and tranquility. The driver will purchase your bus ticket while you catch the direct and comfortable bus to Samana, your placement location. Travel-time on the bus is two hours only. On arrival at the placement location, fellow volunteers and our Staff will welcome you and bring you to your accommodation.

Costs & Benefits

Aldeas de Paz works hard to keep the required financial contribution to an absolute minimum and to offer financial transparency by practicing an open book policy. The minimum contribution starts at €155 per week (after the second week) and includes Spanish language classes and accommodation at our fully equipped guesthouse apartments, a special program donation as well as a personal welcome service and pick-up at the airport, transfer to the bus, bus fare and free transfer to your placement location.

This is included:
• Airport welcome service & transfer to your placement location 

• Fully equipped Accommodation in Las Terrenas or Samana depending where you will be placed
• Free WiFi (50Mbps) & access to washing machine
• Free regular Spanish lessons throughout your placement
• Placement introduction, certificate & student credit
• Full support and 24/7 backup from local staff
• Information about adventure packages & in-country travel

What makes the Dominican Republic and Samana such a special destiny?

Samana is the name of both the peninsula and its biggest town located at Samana bay in the northeastern part of the Dominican Republic. It is a dramatically beautiful peninsula, like an island unto itself, of coconut trees stretching into the sea. The town of Samana is a scenic, beautiful and peaceful port, with friendly and easy-going Dominicans, living their life with tourism, agriculture and fishing activities, all set to the beat and rhythms of Merengue, Bachata and Salsa music. The Malecon (seaside promenade) of two kilometers length is perfect for strolling by day and night. It is the perfect place to while away the evening in a relaxing atmosphere in one of the many surrounding restaurants and bars. Hundreds of fantastic beaches surround the peninsula of Samana, which can be explored during a day trip or for the whole weekend. Experience the Dominican style of live and chill by the rhythm of Caribbean music!

Other highlights nearby are:
• Las Galeras y El Rincon - A small fisherman's town with beautiful beaches surrounded by nature. Travel by Bus (45 minutes / US$ 2,-)
• El Limón - Famous waterfall and swimming. Travel by Bus (20 minutes / US$ 1,50,-)
• Cayo Levantado - Small Island with beautiful beaches just off the coastline in Samana. Travel by Boat (15 minutes / US$ 2,-)
• Parque National de los Haitises - Park made of mangroves, caves with ancient paintings and beautiful bays with pristine beaches. Magnificent limestone caves to explore. Travel by Boat 60 minutes / US$ 10,-
• Playa El Valle - A small fisherman's settlement with a beautiful beach surrounded by pristine nature. Travel by Moto Concho (MotoTaxi) (20 Minutes / US$ 3,-)
• Great Kitesurfing beaches near Las Terrenas only an hour from Samana! The whole Peninsula of Samana is a wild and precious natural gem! People are extremely friendly and nature is gorgeous!
• Whale-Watching - From mid-January to late March the bay is home to some of the world's best whale-watching

Special Offer

Volunteers and interns receive free language lessons throughout their placement duration. Classes focus on developing four basic communication skills: listening, comprehension, speaking, reading and writing. Students are encouraged to speak Spanish right from the very first day, using it in typical real-life situations as soon as they step outside the classroom where learning continues as they are immersed in the Spanish language and the Dominican culture.

Contact Information

Project/charity name: Fundación Aldeas de Paz

Address: Samana, Dominican Republic

Whatsapp: +1 829 7055 123



Facebook: https://www.facebook/AldeasdePaz



Samana Dominican Republic

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