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Translator/Interpreter (Spanish) Anaheim

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Anaheim Union High School District

Anaheim Union High School District Anaheim CA United States

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Health Benefits: 100% employer contribution towards employee and family premiums
District: Award-winning schools
Community: World-famous attractions

Under the direction of an administrator, provides simultaneous and consecutive interpretation and/or sight translation between English and the designated target language during a variety of District and school meetings, legal proceedings, hearings, and home visits to assist District personnel, outside agency representatives, students and parents. Translates complex and general written materials between English and the designated target language.

A Translator/Interpreter provides simultaneous and consecutive bilingual interpretation and/or sight translation during legal proceedings (e.g. IEP, SST, IILP), expulsion/suspension hearings (Pre-SARB/SARB); school/community/District meetings; and home visits, for District personnel (administrators, counselors, psychologists, nurses, teachers... outside agency representatives (e.g. attorneys, law enforcement personnel, social services representatives), parents, and students. In addition, a Translator/Interpreter translates complex technical, legal, and medical documents (e.g. expulsion reports, IEP/Special Ed. assessments, psychologist's reports, Board Policy) as well as general materials (e.g. handbooks, manuals, forms, memos, correspondence).

A School Community Liaison establishes and maintains an effective liaison between the school and student's home providing responsible assistance to parents. Provides bilingual interpretation and translation of general information as necessary.

An Instructional Assistant – Bilingual, assists a certificated teacher in providing instruction to individuals or small groups of limited or non-English speaking students in a classroom environment by interpreting written materials and oral lectures; and serves as an interpreter for teachers or non-English speaking parents as assigned.MINIMUM QUALIFICATIONS
Any combination of education, training and/or experience, which demonstrates that the applicant is likely to possess the required skills, knowledge's and abilities, may be considered.

Graduation from high school; supplemented by college-level course work in a designated second language, or a completion of a certificate program in translation/interpretation.

Two years experience composing, editing, and translating materials in English and the designated second language and providing consecutive or simultaneous oral translation or interpretations during group meetings and in one-to-one situations.
Computer skills adequate to operate a word processing program for bilingual translation is desirable.

Must be bilingual and biliterate in target language. Possession of a valid, appropriate California driver's license at time of appointment, and throughout employment in a position in this classification as required by position. Proof of current California auto liability insurance at time of appointment, and throughout employment in a position in this classification as required by position. Personal transportation for job-related travel throughout the District, and to trainings outside of the District.

Extensive vocabulary and correct usage, grammar, spelling and punctuation of English and a designated target language;
Terminology, forms and materials of the District;
Regulations and policies of the District;
Simultaneous and consecutive interpretation techniques;
Operation of a computer and assigned software, including Adobe Acrobat Reader;
Proficient in MS Word, Publisher, and Power-point;
Record-keeping techniques;
Oral and written communication skills;
Interpersonal skills using tact, patience and courtesy;
Modern office practices, equipment and procedures;

Compose, edit, and translate materials in English and the designated target language and provide simultaneous and/or consecutive interpretation and/or sight translation during group meetings and in one-to-one situations;
Translate and interpret accurately;
Translate materials within specified time limits;
Read, review and edit translations;
Understand and communicate the needs of staff, students and parents;
Express thoughts clearly and concisely in English and a designated target language;
Maintain confidentiality of sensitive and privileged information;
Operate a variety of office equipment including a computer and assigned software applications, such as MS Word, Publisher, Powerpoint and Adobe Acrobat Reader;
Perform a variety of routine clerical duties;
Type at 40 words per minute from clear copy;
Understand and follow oral and written instructions;
Work without technical supervision and take responsibility for accuracy of translation and interpretation;
Communicate effectively both orally and in writing;
Establish and maintain effective working relationships with District personnel, students, parents, and outside agency personnel;
Complete work with many interruptions;
Speak in public meetings;
Be insured at standard vehicle liability and property damage insurance rates and maintain insurability.

Employees in this classification speak clearly, hear normal voice conversation, walk, lift and carry up to 25 lbs. without assistance, sit, see small details, kneel, drive a vehicle to conduct business, use a computer and telephone.

Employees in this classification work inside in a school/office/classroom environment, learning center and in direct contact with students, district staff, and the public, without guidance from supervisor, with exposure to minor contagious illnesses (colds, flu, etc.), with high volume of work and tight deadlines; and may work overtime and/or a flexible schedule.Note: The statements herein are intended to describe the general nature and level of work being performed by employees in this classification, and are not to be interpreted as an exhaustive list of responsibilities and qualifications required of personnel so classified. Reasonable accommodations will be made so that qualified employees can perform the essential duties of the job.

Provides simultaneous and consecutive bilingual interpretation at school, community, home visits, and District meetings such as Individualized Education Program conferences, Educational Monitoring Teams, expulsion/suspension hearings; translates complex technical, legal, and medical documents including expulsion reports, IEP/Special Ed. assessments, psychologist's reports, and Board Policy, as well as general materials such as handbooks, manuals, forms, memos, correspondence; provides sight translation as appropriate; prepares written translations of District meetings and conferences; reviews and proofreads as necessary written translations submitted by District personnel and edits for accuracy of meaning, grammar, syntax, and idiomatic and cultural appropriateness; attends trainings and consults and collaborates with other translator/interpreters; operates interpretation equipment to facilitate simultaneous/consecutive interpretations at District and school meetings; utilizes a computerized bilingual word processing program and other appropriate software for written translations; interprets at District/school evening events and meetings as required.

Performs a variety of general clerical duties in support of assigned office; maintains records and files including records of translations and shares/distributes accordingly; maintains calendar of scheduled interpretations and projects; composes and types routine correspondence; operates a variety of office equipment including a copier, scanner, fax machine and a computer; answers and receives telephone calls; greets and assists visitors; provides general information and assistance to callers and visitors; drives a vehicle to school sites as assigned by the position; assists in administering language proficiency tests to students; receive, route and distribute mail.

Assists with initial and annual language assessments of students in English and target language; assists in the bilingual testing process of job applicants.

The classification specification does not describe all duties performed by all incumbents within the class. This summary provides examples of typical tasks performed in this classification.RECRUITMENT TYPE: OPEN Anyone can apply.
CERTIFICATION TYPE: OPEN Qualified candidates, or Eligibles, who pass all testing stages will be placed on one eligibility list. The top 3 ranks of Eligibles will be certified for a hiring interview.

All applications must be submitted online. Applications and requests for testing will not be accepted after the recruitment closing date and time. Applicants may be rejected on the basis of an incomplete application or failure to meet minimum qualifications. The application is part of the selection process and is part of an overall assessment of acceptability for employment. All information provided is subject to independent verification of its accuracy. It is the responsibility of the applicant to provide correct contact information by which to be notified.
Note: You will eventually be disqualified in the recruitment process if you fail to disclose relevant information regarding your conviction history. It is the disclosure of the conviction that is most important in many cases.

The screening process for this position, which may be subject to modification, will include some form of a(n): application screening, initial qualifications screening, documentation/certification screening, and supplemental application screening. The stated qualifications for the position represent only the minimum requirements and do not guarantee qualification for examination or placement on an eligibility list.

The examination may consist of any combination of a(n): training and experience (T&E) evaluation, written knowledge test, hands on/performance test, structured panel interview, situational judgement interview, or other type of exam of fitness for duty. All parts of the examination process are job related. A passing score must be attained on each portion of the exam to advance to the next stage and ultimate placement on an eligibility list.

Requests for reasonable accommodations for the testing process must be made no less than two (2) days prior to the examination. Requests must be signed by your medical doctor, school psychologist, or learning consultant as appropriate and must be on provider letterhead and contain an actual signature.

Protest of any part of the exam process must be in writing and submitted to the Personnel Director no later than five (5) working days from the date you participated in the exam. Any protest must include rationale to support the protest and shall include supporting documentation or references. Protests must be based on illegal discrimination, abuse of discretion, or procedure/process error. Protests should NOT be based on receiving unexpected results. We cannot be responsible for lost mail, misdirected mail, or failure of mail to be delivered after it has been entrusted to the U.S. Postal Service.

Candidates who are successful in all screening and testing stages will be placed on an eligibility list. Typically, an eligibility list for a classification expires after six (6) months or one (1) year. Candidates on the expired eligibility list are no longer considered for positions within the class. Eligibility lists may be extended beyond one year or expire sooner than one year. Eligibility lists may be merged, in which case candidate ranks may change.

Candidates on the eligibility list will be called in rank order to participate in final selection interviews with the hiring manager until three ranks of candidates have accepted the invitation to interview. Ranks may include ties so more than three candidates may be called to interview for one vacancy. Please note that candidates will be removed from the eligibility list for declining the invitation to interview more than three (3) times.

Official offers of employment are ONLY made by the Anaheim Union High School District Human Resources, Classified Office. Offers are subject to satisfactory completion of ALL the pre-employment processing including: successful completion of a physical examination, tuberculosis examination, fingerprint clearance by the California Department of Justice, and proof of eligibility to work in the United States.

All new regular classified employees shall be paid in accordance with the salary range established for the class to which assigned. Initial placement will normally be the first step of the salary range. However, a new employee may receive advanced step placement with an approval from Human Resources. Requests for advanced step must be submitted in writing to the Human Resources office before the employee's first day of work. Approval will be based on the following criteria:
A) Additional qualifying experience beyond that required for entry into the class.
B) Additional education at the college level when related to the position, beyond the established educational requirements for entry into the class.
C) Evidence of currently receiving a salary greater than the first step of the salary for the classification.

Benefits earned by all permanent classified employees:
-Leaves: Sick leave, holidays, bereavement and emergency leaves.
-Retirement: Classified employees are members of the Public Employees Retirement System (PERS). Employee contribution is 7% of gross earnings.
Benefits earned by all permanent classified employees working 20 hours or more per week:
-Insurance: The District provides medical, dental, vision care, behavioral health and life insurance for the employees and their dependents.

Anaheim Union High School District prohibits unlawful discrimination against, and/or harassment of, District employees and job applicants on the basis of actual or perceived race, color, national origin, ancestry, religion, age, marital status, pregnancy, physical or mental disability, medical condition, veteran status, gender, gender identity, sex, or sexual orientation at a District site or activity.

The provisions of this bulletin do not constitute an expressed or implied contract. Any provisions of this bulletin may be modified or revoked, and the job description may be changed at any time without notice.

Anaheim CA USA

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