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 Obtain from project management “Manpower Loading Charts” (Manpower Mobilization Schedules)

reflecting all positions required for mobilization to the project including the expected mobilization dates

and duration of assignment. Ensure data contained on the Manpower Loading charts are entered on the

system Mobilization/Demobilization charts. Continuously updated and modify charts as and when


 Review and compare project Manpower Loading Charts to system mobilization/demobilization charts,

ensure current assignment release dates of personnel selected for mobilization do not conflict with new

project mobilization dates. Identify and report mobilization/demobilization conflicts and discrepancies to

project management, recommend/propose alternative candidates when necessary. Coordinate with

other Project Administrators on a daily basis on personnel transfers.

 Identify vacant positions on project Mobilizations charts, advise project management and

HR/Recruitment on... the unavailability of internal candidates to fill positions, recommend recruitment of

personnel when required.

 Process mobilization of personnel to and from project site locations. Obtain and process required

documentation that include passport details, visas, invitation letters, immigration documents, Medical

examinations, Safety and Security equipment & procedures, travel tickets and other travel documents.

 Coordinate the arrival and departure of personnel to various sites including the arrangement of transport,

accommodation and immigration formalities.

 Interface and provide support to Site administrators on administrative and HR issues, clarify queries and

resolve personnel related problems as needed.

 Initiate and track per diem payments, prepare vouchers and obtain the necessary approvals, log

payments to ensure that multiple payments are not made.

 Establish contact with new candidates ensure the completion and submission of all necessary preemployment documents including the attested academic certifications, results of medical exams etc.,

ensure candidate obtains all necessary legal and immigration documents for travel.

 Determine actual arrival and departure dates of personnel, advise payroll for issuance of Action Sheets.

Update project management accordingly.

 Ensure travel ticket requests are entered accurately into the system, follow-up ticket approvals,

investigate and resolve rejected ticket requests. Upload documents to system HRMS files.

 Meet with mobilized employees to Head Office, ensure employment documents are completed and

accurately filled, obtain original documents including, passport, ticket and attested degree/certificate.

Ensure the indoctrination of employee through the normal HR channels.

 Coordinate with the Government relations personnel on the processes and issuance of residence visa’s

and work permits.

 Review and Process travel expense claim forms. Review and check all submitted invoices related to

pre-employment expenses including mobilization & travel.

 Effect release formalities of personnel, ensure performance appraisal forms are completed for all

demobilizing employees. Coordinate with HR and other project administrators on next assignments or

long leave status details, update mobilization/demobilization charts accordingly.

 Administer the payroll of project personnel, identify, clarify and resolve payroll issues including working

hours, incomplete timesheets, leaves, overtime and other payroll details. Generate the project payroll,

review exception reports, investigate and resolve discrepancies and ambiguities.

 Monitor project leave applications and personnel leave entitlements, calculate leave and ticket

entitlements, ensure that leave and ticket applications are in-line with entitled balances. Resolve leave

issues with site project administrators. Identify late leave returns, investigate and obtain justification

through the coordination with Site project administrators.

 Provide administrative support and assistance to Client personnel when required.

 Research and analyze accommodation availability and rates, propose alternative accommodation


 Ensure medical exam results are valid and verified by the authorized company assigned medical


 Track site assets, maintain asset lists on relevant project sites, update lists on a monthly basis.

 Ensure copies of all project related Leases, rental agreements and other administration related legal

documents are filed and updated in the Head Office.

 Prepare requisitions for the procurement of Safety equipment based on site safety requirements.

 Assume the responsibilities of the Site administrator when required.

 Perform other duties are required by Supervisor

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