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3D Animator Setagaya City


Shapefarm Setagaya City Tokyo Japan

2 weeks ago


We are seeking a talented 3D Animator to join our game development team. In this role, you will be responsible for creating high-quality animations that bring our virtual worlds and characters to life. You will collaborate closely with tech artists and engineers, under the supervision and mentorship of Lead/Senior Animators, to establish an efficient animation pipeline that promotes rapid iteration and prototyping. Additionally, you will mentor junior team members, ensuring the overall success of our projects.

Knowledge and Skills
• Demonstrate a solid understanding of animation principles and techniques, employing them to create captivating and believable animations.
• Possesses a strong understanding of game development processes and pipelines, with a focus on how animation fits into the larger development cycle. Stay up-to-date with industry trends and advancements in animation technology.
• Exhibits strong problem-solving skills, both creatively and technically, to... overcome challenges and find innovative solutions. Remain adaptable and open to feedback to continually improve animations.
• Seeks feedback and incorporates suggestions to improve animations and overall game experience.
• Demonstrates proven experience with Unreal Engine, utilizing its animation tools and features to create stunning and immersive game animations.

• Collaborates with tech artists and engineers to establish and enhance an efficient animation pipeline that enables rapid iteration and prototyping for game development
• Ability to follow industry standards and adhere to given pipelines and workflows.
• Consistently creates animations of shippable quality, meeting production standards, and requirements. Strive for excellence and attention to detail in all aspects of animation production.

• Exhibits a sense of accountability, consistently delivering work within established deadlines.
• Demonstrated the ability to manage time effectively and prioritize tasks to ensure timely completion.

• Ability to communicate effectively within the team, seeking and providing feedback when needed. Foster a collaborative and supportive environment to enhance the overall creative process.
• Ability to seek feedback and incorporate suggestions to improve animations and overall game experience.

Planning, Scheduling, and Delivery
• Able to demonstrate the ability to follow deadlines consistently, while effectively breaking down bigger tasks into smaller manageable chunks. Respects the overall project timeline and contribute to its successful completion.

• Ability to mentor and guide junior team members, sharing your expertise and providing constructive feedback to help them grow professionally. Manage your own time efficiently to balance your workload and meet project milestones.

Japanese Visa Qualifications

A bachelor's degree or 10 years of experience.

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At Shapefarm we…
• Are humble
• Make sure the job gets done
• Take responsibility for our work and our actions
• Have the willingness to walk the extra mile to help others
• Have a positive attitude towards problem-solving
Setagaya City Tokyo Japan

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