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Social Host, Sunshinestories Ahangama


Sunshinestories Ahangama Sri Lanka

1 week ago

Being a social host at Sunshinestories is not like any other job. Do you absolutely love waking up early to take part in a yoga class or spending the morning surfing in the ocean? Do you love hanging out with people for the sole reason of promoting fun and adventure? If yes, then this is your dream job.

Within this position you are responsible for the guest experience when they are not busy with surf lessons or their yoga practice. You will need to have a big passion for people and engage with the group every week and make them feel welcome and part of the experience. You won't have time to sit back and relax whilst telling other people what to do or allow the guests to get bored.

There won’t be a big difference between work and pleasure and there won’t be normal working hours. You will need to love being around people and enjoy sharing your time with them! You need to continuously find news ways to incorporate fun for the guests, this can be playing a card game, doing some... exercise, taking them on a walk into town, a bike ride - anything and everything that makes the experience for the guests fun and interactive. You will understand how putting some music on first thing in the morning during breakfast can change the mindset of a tired guest for the rest of the day.

You will be social media savvy and will document your day to post daily Instastories on the Sunshinestories account.

This is a work-stay opertunity on a volunteer basis with a small salary and not a gig if you're expecting the big bucks salary. However if you want to share your passion for yoga, surf every day and be part of an amazing little family sharing a good life in the sunshine for a few months, it's perfect.

Especially it's for you who want to learn how to surf since you can tag along on the surf lessons on a daily basis. Are you already a keen surfer? Even better, use one of our speciality surfboards (longboards/shortboards) and with the help of our ISA certified coaches you can improve with video analysis sessions and in depth coaching methods.
• You have a big passion for being social around people for an extended time and hosting dinners, excursions etc with ease
• Your own computer to assist the General Manager with daily email inquiries and bookings.
• Passion for a lifestyle filled with surf, yoga and adventuring about
• Excellent social skills for diplomatically handling customers expectations, reviews and complaints
• Ability to efficiently serve the customers and promote an unforgettable experience at the retreat
• A strong Social Media presence with a eye for detail
• Strong written and oral communication skills for managing the social host admin
• The ability to cope under pressure and always deliver a good customer experience
• Team working skills
• Strong planning and organizational skills to run a streamlined operation in the front desk
• The ability to work independently and confidently to make your own decisions
• Problem-solving ability to resolve issues as they arise swiftly and comfortably
• Good at organizing and delegating work and directing problems to the right persons in the organization
• Good with managing paper work, accounting & bills
• You can stay a minimum of 3 months.


Please make your application via this career site. We hire social hosts every 3-5 months, and usually hire a few months before the date period, once we start the hiring process we will be in touch with you with the dates
Ahangama Sri Lanka

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