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Frontend Developer (UX/UI) Colombia

Mangata Networks

Mangata Networks Colombia Colombia

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About Mangata

The name ‘Mangata’ is a Swedish word, referring to the path of light that the moon draws on water. The moon is a powerful, universal symbol and its light represents opportunity for all. Our mission is to build a bridge between connectivity and access, weaving in endless possibilities for businesses and communities to share, learn from each other, and prosper.

Recognized as one of the “Top 5 Telecom Startups to Watch in 2022” , Mangata Networks has a presence in 9 countries (and counting). We are a satellite-enabled network and edge cloud computing services company… and a bit more. We work to enable human exchange on a global level by creating accessible connectivity infrastructure services. Our host of services can adapt to changing needs, securely and in real-time.

Using a proprietary network of satellites, edge micro datacenters, and terrestrial systems, Mangata is connecting people, machines, and devices across the world. We are bringing together a team of... remarkable professionals who all resolutely want to pave this path together.

About the roles

As the Lead UX/UI Front-End Developer, you will be responsible for the front-end design and solution of all functional elements in relation to a UX/UI design centred around our edge product(s) and cloud service(s). You will be focused on the front-end user interaction and engagement towards a positive user experience. We are seeking a creative candidate who focuses on communication, clarity, and originality with a balance of feasibility and practicality,

You will be working with the VP of Cloud Services Product Manager, VP of Global Customer Success, SVP of Brand and Communications, UX/UI Design team as well as various stakeholders and technical leadership staff providing guidance and understanding related to our Vision, Products and Services, Branding and Marketing.
Requirements for the Role
• Experience in understanding importance of both direct and indirect value related to user experience, NPS score and and front-end development.
• Experience in Full Development life cycle.
• Experience in identifying development constraints related to tools/systems integration and having the knowledge and skills to resolve and push forward.
• Knowledge of user and system context diagrams both logical and physical.
• Knowledge of user accessibility design and development.
• Experience in Design Thinking Process/Methodology centred on Personas, Persona Mapping, Empathy and Emotions, Problems vs Challenges.
• Experience in process/procedure development and governance.
• Experience in developing high efficiency and practicality into front-end solutions and workflows.
• Experience in user/task progression and user pathways. (UX)
• Experience in developing wireframes, and mock-ups promoting rapid experimentation and iterative process directly related user interaction and back-end compatability.
• Experience in Prototyping with various levels of interactivity. Prototyping with both Low and High Fidelity.
• Experience in testing w/feedback analysis and related design modification/justification process and creative loop related to system/user interaction and data use.
• Responsible for the Strategy, Planning & Execution of Development Phase, and related processes.
• Building collaborative relationships and strong communication channels necessary for a well-rounded, high-valued functionality.
• Research experience related to customer base/audience, understanding specific needs related to specific products and user personas as well as interface interaction/experience expectations.
• AI awareness/Data focused/Data driven decisions.
Experience for the role
• Overall experience in UX/UI development or College/Higher Edu. Equiv.
• Experience with Adobe Creative Cloud and rapid prototyping tools like Adobe XD, Figma, Invision, Sketch, etc.
• Experience with 2 or more of HTML, JavaScript, React, JQuery, AngularJS, CSS, .net
• Experience and understanding working with frameworks such as AngularJS, Bootstrap, Ember. Js, Backbone, Foundation

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We welcome people from all backgrounds who seek the opportunity to help shape the way the world interacts with information.

Our values at Mangata are Courage, Teamwork, Commitment, and Getting Stuff Done. If you have the drive, the passion, and the collaborative spirit, come work with us! Let's go near, far, and beyond- together

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