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Police Officer 2023 Davenport

City of Davenport

City of Davenport Davenport IA United States

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The City of Davenport Police Department is seeking highly motivated and ethical individuals, that, under general supervision perform work of moderate difficulty in law enforcement, maintenance of order, protection of life and property, and crime prevention; and perform related work as required...

Examples Of Duties
• Protects life and property and maintains order
• Patrols assigned areas for the prevention of crime and enforces laws and ordinances of the City of Davenport, State of Iowa, and the United States of America
• Utilizes problem solving skills, creativity and innovative approaches to identify and resolve community problems/concerns
• Observes activities and environment, and keeps alert to suspicious occurrences
• Responds to emergency calls and acts to resolve emergency situations
• Notes location and type of call; proceeds to scene observing traffic conditions in emergent, urgent and routine responses
• Takes control of emergency site, directing traffic, securing scene and assisting medical personnel when injuries are involved
• Monitors traffic conditions and enforces traffic laws: observes driving behavior and measures vehicle speed to detect violations of traffic laws; stops vehicles for traffic violations and issues citations
• Directs traffic for special events, accidents and detours
• Writes detailed incident reports utilizing computer to make a record of events, conditions, time and persons involved: makes careful notes of all details important for future reference or prosecution; completes all required documentation and forms
• Stops fights and attempts to mediate arguments and disputes which threaten violence: physically restrains persons involved in violent attacks; secures vicinity of persons threatening violence to self or others; talks to parties involved in disputes in an attempt to reconcile differences
• Apprehends and arrests suspects in crimes: takes custody of persons involved in crimes or wanted in connection with criminal activities; physically subdues resistant persons with force necessary to control them. Investigates crime scenes, interrogates suspects, interviews witnesses, secures evidence, and testifies in court.

• 21 years of age at the time of list certification (April 12 or May 10, 2023)
• High school diploma or GED

Additional requirements:
• Applicant must be able to pass an extensive background check and submit to a polygraph test. Must have ability to perform the core functions of the position
• Uncorrected vision of not less than 20-100 in each eye, corrected to 20-20 in each eye, normal color vision
• Normal hearing
• Ability to speak clearly and communicate well
• Ability to develop a facility in operating firearms
• Ability to operate motor vehicles safely
• Appointees will be required to adhere to Professional Standards set forth by the Davenport Police Department addressing the display of tattoos. Officers and employees may not appear on duty or in uniform with any visible facial, head, or neck tattoos. No tattoos will be permitted below the wrist with the exception of a single ring tattoo (one per hand). Exceptions may be granted by the Chief of Police
• Prior to receiving an offer of employment, selected applicants will be required to retake and pass the physical ability test. Failure to complete this will result in disqualification from the process or removal from the certified list
• Skill in dealing with others in a courteous and fair manner, as well as the ability to enforce laws and ordinances with firmness and tact
• Bilingual applicants desired.

HOW TO APPLY: Click the Apply link above. Only online applications will be accepted. You can also more information.

Once a completed application is on file, a written exam study guide may be obtained at City Hall, Human Resources Office, 226 West 4th Street, Davenport, IA 52801. Out of town applicants may obtain a study guide by calling [Phone number shown when applying].

Important testing and selection process information is included in the 2023 Police Information Packet which can be accessed by clicking the following link2023 Police Information Packetor downloading from the City of Davenport website.

Civil Service Residency UPDATE:

The City Council has approved an update to the residency requirement for Police Officer. The new requirement is residency must be established within 20 miles of the corporate city limits of Davenport, and can include within the State of Illinois. Click on the2022 Residency Mapfor further information.

DPD Total Compensation:

Click the Total Compensation document to view the salary and benefits breakdown for officers beginning July 1, 2023.

Special Hiring Incentives:

Relocation assistance if moving from 60 miles or more to the City of Davenport city limits:

$1,000 if renting or $2,000 if purchasing.

Home Base Iowa Community (*for veterans purchasing a home only)

$5,000 tax credit through the State of Iowa (Payable at closing)

$1,500 closing costs reimbursement from Scott County

$1,500 closing costs reimbursement from City of Davenport

Lateral Hiring Program:

Full-time certified Police Officers will receive starting pay commensurate with his/her sworn and certified law enforcement experience, as well as a bank of sick and vacation leave. Details can be accessed by clicking the following linkLateral Hiring Program. Knowledge and Skills

Good Knowledge of: The purpose of law enforcement and the criminal justice system. Law enforcement procedures, practices and equipment. Applicable city, state and federal law. Considerable Skill in: Obtaining valid information by interview and interrogation. Reacting quickly and calmly in emergency situations. Using physical strength to restrain, lift, carry and pursue. Report Writing. Working Skill in: Using firearms and operating motor vehicles properly and within established guidelines. Using good judgment in evaluating situations and making decisions. Observing facts and situations analytically and objectively and recording them clearly and completely. Expressing oneself clearly orally and in writing. Handling situations firmly, courteously, tactfully and impartially. Understanding and carrying out oral and written instructions. Gathering, assembling, analyzing and evaluating evidence; and drawing sound conclusions
Davenport IA USA

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