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The Building Company South Africa South Africa

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The Building Company has full time positions available for individuals seeking career growth. Work experience in the same field for 36 months is a prerequisite for this job. 2023-03-18 is when the Store Manager - BUCO Simons Town job posting began, and it will no longer be open after 2023-06-16. The employer is currently seeking candidates for a job opening in Simon's Town, but is open to considering qualified applicants from other regions as well. The work premises for this job are located at ;s Town, Western Cape. The employer's non-disclosure of salary means that you have the opportunity to negotiate.
• Manage Profitability: To ensure continuity, growth, and profitability of the Store through the management of costs and the maximization of sales turnover and returns. Identifies new business opportunities, take calculated risks; and generate innovative and creative ideas for implementing new business opportunities and maximising sales
• Planning and Budgeting: Together with the... Operations Executive and Regional Operations Manager, interpret the business objectives into an Operating Plan for the Store.
• Procurement, stock control and merchandising: To ensure that the inward logistics of the Store run smoothly, products are purchased in line with The Building Company procurement policies and procedures, stock levels are kept at optimal levels and stock losses are controlled.
• Maintain Stock variances: Maintenance of optimal stock levels
• Financial Management: Ensures that the Store budget is compiled in line with the agreed upon operating plans and adhered to. (Ensure that all financial processes are monitored and controlled in line with best practices and company procedures).
• Customer Service: Ensure that customer complaints are dealt with in an effective manner and resolved. Promotions, advertising, and all public relations must be co-ordinated for the store in order to enhance the Brand's market share in line with all company procedures.
• Accountablefor day-to-day operations: Accountability for the day-to-day operations, administration, customer sales and service and overall management and control of the branch employees.
• Operational analysis: Analyses of operational information leading to the diagnosis of problems and/or success areas in the business. Enhancing all successes and raising and resolving all problem areas with the Operations Management Support Team.
• People Management: Inspire, motivate, guide, develop and manage, and lead employees in order to meet the store's objectives. Apply all company policies and procedures and best practice principles in order to maintain a harmonious labour environment.
• Legislative compliance and corporate governance: Ensure legal compliance with all legislation relating to the operation of the business and that appropriate action is taken in respect of all legal matters.
• To uphold and promote the company values and culture

Grade 12

Preferably a commerce bachelor’s degree / or equivalent experience

Preferably Financial or Management diploma

5-10 years retail experience

Minimum of 3 years in a junior-mid level management position

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Previous industry related experience

Financial acumen

Inwards and Outwards Logistics/Procurement skills

Merchandising principles

Preferably have knowledge of Occupational Health and Safety Act

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Education Requirements: bachelor degree

Experience Requirements: 36 month

Experience in Place of Education: NO
South Africa

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