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English Teachers (Oral English, English Composition, K-12 ESL) Zhengzhou

Sias University - Academics In Asia

Sias University - Academics In Asia Zhengzhou Henan China

3 weeks ago

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168 Renmin St, Xinzheng City, Henan 451150
• Qualification

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June 10th
• Salary Offer

7500-12,000 RMB


7500-12,000 RMB
• Discipline

Language, Writing & Culture, Finance, Management, Economics and Business, Art, Law, Political Science, Education, Literature
• Majors Wanted

All Majors Qualify - English, TESOL, Linguistics majors do not require a TEFL Certification
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This is a great opportunity for those who want to be in the CENTER of China among a large international community. Sias University is the first American-funded university in Central China with the motto “Where East Meets West.”

Also, check out our tuition reimbursement program if you are interested in completing a MA or PhD!


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Sias University is... hiring 30 new teachers for Fall 2023.

Apply by June 9th!
• 25 Conversational English Teachers (BA & 2 Years Teaching Experience or TESOL Certificate)
• 1 English Composition (MA Degree)
• 5 Language Arts, History, Cross-Cultural Communication Teachers (MA Degree)
• 5 K-8 ESL Teachers at Sias University (BA & 2 Years Teaching Experience or TESOL Certificate)
• 2 Kindergarten ESL Teachers in Zhengzhou (BA & 2 Years Teaching Experience or TESOL Certificate)
• 2 Kindergarten ESL Teachers in Xinxiang (BA & 2 Years Teaching Experience or TESOL Certificate)​

Half of our international faculty teach Conversational English classes which are offered for Freshman and Sophomores. These classes provide a distinct chance to interact with students on a more personal level. Because these classes have an average of only 25 students, relationships are more easily established and exceptional conversational practice is more easily accessible.

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Preparation time for each week lessons is kept minimal as teams work together and follow an established curriculum. Teachers are required to teach 18 hours of class time each week with two additional Office Hours being set aside for meeting with students. This leaves plenty of time for other professional and social endeavors.

We offer a variety of academic courses, briefly outlined below. Academic teachers prepare lectures and discussions for classes of 60 students on average, and multimedia classrooms are assigned for these courses. The full-time teaching load for academics is 12 class hours a week, providing ample time for preparation and meeting with students. Textbooks and other resources, including supervision, are provided.

Applicants with corresponding degrees, teaching experience or work experience in an academic course discipline will be considered for openings.

The following academic courses have been offered at Sias from 2009-2017 through the School of Foreign Languages. Not all of them are offered each semester:
• English Composition,
• English Listening,
• English Through Films,
• Extensive Reading,
• Introduction to Western Literature,
• Public Speaking,
• Survey of American and British History,
• Western Culture and Etiquette,
• Western Newspapers, and
• Magazines.

3 Reasons to Choose Sias University:
• EXPERTISE: We have 20 leaders serving our expat teachers with a combined experience of 150 years working at universities in China. We are experts in the area of transitioning expats into China through visa processing, training, and ongoing/on-site support systems. Our leadership team is led by 16 expats with direction and support from 5 Chinese leaders whose overseas experience combined is over 40 years. Meet the leaders.
• COMMUNITY: Our community of 190 expats (over 80% from US) living on campus provides plenty of community for all ages and stages of life. On-campus K-12 provides free schooling for faculty children as well. Learn more.
• OPPORTUNITY: We provide opportunities for teachers to take a semester off to study Chinese full-time, expanded Winter and Summer break for returning teachers to travel, attend seminars or to extend their education with scholarships towards an MA or PhD!

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• Airfare to China and Return Airfare (with a completed one-year contract)
• Medical Care Allowance and Accident Insurance
• Private Furnished Apartment
• Internet and Utilities Paid
• Free Weekend Trips
• Paid Winter Holiday (8-9 weeks of holiday/7-8 weeks paid)
• Free Chinese Lessons
• Salaries start from 7,500-12,000 RMB ($1150-1875 USD) a month depending on the degree attained. Every year teachers get a raise and signing a 3-year contract after the first semester gives teachers a 16.7% raise.

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Desired Skills and Expertise

Requirements: You don’t have to have any teaching experience. This is a great opportunity for those who would love to travel, mentor, and touch lives in China through teaching.

Professional Requirements
• Minimum of Baccalaureate degree (higher degree provides additional compensation in salary)
• TESOL/TEFL certification may be required if less than 2 years teaching experience (can be completed after job offer)
• Teaching experience preferred (but not required)
• Desire to interact in a cross-cultural setting
• Willingness to learn and develop teaching with excellence

Moral Requirements
• Ability to work with a myriad of people from different cultures and backgrounds
• Willingness to enter into a foreign country with patience and diligence

Social Requirements
• You will be living in a community for 100 Foreigners with 120-300 impressionable students looking up to you as a role model.
• You will be expected to be personable, be a team player, and realize life in China requires FLEXIBILITY.

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209-877-SIAS (7427) (SMS me here)

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