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Painting Equipment Engineer Pretoria

YanFeng Plastic Omnium

YanFeng Plastic Omnium Pretoria South Africa

3 weeks ago

To ensure the production requirements, complete new projects, and achieve cost reduction and efficiency goals, we manage the plant's equipment for daily production and new projects for follow-up and continuous improvement under appropriate quality, time and cost conditions.

1. Manage the safe operation of the area and personnel to avoid safety incidents in the area under their jurisdiction; Ensure that equipment-related safety functions are normal, participate in the analysis of equipment accidents and safety incidents, and implement improvement measures. Responsible for the work quality output results of this post, implement analysis and rectification of equipment problems and related accidents involving the responsibility of this post in this section, and assist in the completion of various equipment management improvements.

2. Assist in completing various quality management improvements. To clarify HSE management requirements and measures for the counterpart related party... personnel, and do regular supervision and inspection. Experience curing and personnel coaching; Complete the experience curing and internal sharing of this job sequence; responsible for the coaching of junior/intermediate personnel of this job sequence; standardize and update the relevant procedure documents and processes of this job.

3.Implement daily management of equipment according to TPM requirements. Develop and monitor various preventive maintenance plans to continuously improve equipment operation. Take the lead in solving unexpected and difficult equipment problems in the field, and formulate corresponding corrective measures and follow up on the problems occurred.

4. Lead the improvement of non-conforming items identified in various internal and external reviews that are the responsibility of the engineering department (equipment).

5. Lead the completion of equipment installation and equipment modification within the plant. Responsible for equipment operation cost control and continuous improvement, including but not limited to equipment maintenance cost, spare parts cost, energy cost, etc.

6. Responsible for the cooperation between the branch and the professional platform of the equipment and facilities department, and complete the development of standards on the professional platform and complete the work tasks assigned by the platform.

7.Responsible for signal access and operation and maintenance of equipment related MI, assist the platform to complete the replication and implementation of relevant functions and continuous improvement. Actively use the company's information technology and intelligent platform to identify enhancement opportunities and follow up on implementation to improve efficiency.

8.Other tasks assigned by supervisor
Pretoria South Africa

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