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The Internal Auditor II will plan, coordinate and execute SOX and discretionary audit plans designed to identify risk, to mitigate loss, and to protect the people, assets, and cash flow of the company.


This role will be based on-site at our St. Petersburg, FL Corporate Headquarters. We are also open to candidates being based on-site in Guadalajara as well; however, the preference is St. Petersburg.

• Assist in the development of annual audit plans and perform initial and follow-up audits in accordance with professional standards
• Assist Manager to develop audit scope using risk assessment techniques
• Assist in the creation or revision of audit programs where necessary to accomplish audit objectives
• Coordinate site and project reviews (time and resource budgeting) with Internal Audit Manager, external auditors, and regulatory agencies
• Conduct SOX, substantive and/or discretionary audits in accordance with approved... audit programs while effectively managing time budgets
• Prepare or review audit workpapers documenting each audit step in the audit program. Ensure information is presented clearly, concisely, accurately, in a logical format, and has appropriate audit conclusions
• Express ideas and information in a clear and concise manner
• Prepare or review written presentations to management at the conclusion of an audit, discussing deficiencies, recommending corrective actions, and suggesting improvements in internal controls
• Maintain updated knowledge of rules, regulations, and standards in the fields of internal audit, accounting, information technology and/or other related matters of interest to the department
• Provide timely feedback to in-charge lead or Internal Audit Manager about status of the audit and as issues arise
• Perform data analysis and analytical audit procedures to produce risk assessment and/or preliminary conclusions.
• Elevate real and emerging business control issues/problems to the Internal Audit Manager and local management if needed
• Educate functional management in business risk concepts and suggest cost effective approaches to mitigate risk
• Complete periodic education to stay informed of emerging issues, and maintain a degree of professionalism
• Review and compliment external auditing roles and practices.
• Coach other Internal Audit staff auditors in knowledge of audits using the COSO framework, technical account concepts under GAAP and application of audit standards
• Demonstrate understanding of Jabil’s goals & business strategy and key industry trends and issues in the markets
• Use internal and external data to understand the underlying causes/drivers of issues and opportunities
• Gain a basic understanding of the roles and processes of other functional departments
• Ability to travel internationally
• Comply and follow all procedures within the company’s various administrative policies including, but not limited to security and non-disclosure policies
• Ensure all sensitive and confidential information is handled appropriately
• May perform other duties and responsibilities as assigned

• FOLLOW-UP: Able to monitor and evaluate progress of assignments / projects
• ORGANIZE: Able to assemble appropriate resources (people, funding, material, support) to get things done; Able to manage multiple activities simultaneously to accomplish goals; Able to schedule and coordinate work of others; Able to establish efficient work procedures to meet objectives
• PLAN: Able to develop short- and long-term operational and / or financial plans that are appropriately comprehensive, realistic, and effective in achieving goals; Able to anticipate obstacles and define alternate strategies; Able to integrate planning efforts across work units; Able to form the right structures and teams to enhance productivity
• INFORM: Able to keep all appropriate parties up-to-date on decisions, changes and other relevant information
• LISTEN: Able to actively listen and convey understanding of the comments and questions of others; Able to understand the situations, viewpoints and feelings of others before expressing own view
• S PEAK COMPETENTLY: Able to speak clearly and concisely; Able to use appropriate vocabulary for the audience; Able to get point across unambiguously and check for understanding.
• QUESTION: Able to use effective fact-finding techniques to discover all relevant information, Able to ask questions that are not leading or biased, Able to challenge assumptions
• BE STRAIGHTFORWARD: Able to communicate directly (to-the-point) and rely on fact-based positions; Able to avoid the use of ambiguous language or statements that contain hidden or double meanings.
• WRITE PROFICIENTLY: Able to convey information clearly and effectively through both formal and informal documents; Able to write in a well-organized and concise, yet complete, format; Able to use vocabulary appropriate for the audience; Able to constructively review and edit the written work of others.
• BUILD AND MEND RELATIONSHIPS: Able to use appropriate interpersonal styles and communication methods (both verbal and non-verbal); Able to show consideration for the feelings and needs of others; Able to show awareness of the impact of own behavior on others; Able to recognize when relationships are damaged and take action to improve them.
• COLLOBORATE: Able to act as part of a larger team outside of the immediate department or group; Able to understand the importance of working with peers in other areas or management to reach "best practice" solutions for the organization; Able to inform and seek information to anticipate and consider the impact of decisions or actions on the overall organization
• MAINTAIN COMPOSURE: Able to stay calm and even-tempered when handling a crisis or stressful situations; Able to recognize and respond effectively to unexpected situations or adverse conditions
• RESOLVE CONFLICTS: Able to bring conflict into the open and use it productively to enhance the quality of decisions; Able to arrive at constructive solutions while maintaining positive working relationships with those who disagree; Able to help others resolve disputes and reach agreement
• FACILITATE GROUP DISCUSSIONS: Able to use effective communication methods and interpersonal behaviors to guide a group toward objectives; Able to help groups define objectives and strategy, stay on task, and reach consensus; Able to solicit participation, challenge ideas, and summarize accomplishments and planned actions
• ACT WITH INTEGRITY: Able to demonstrate uncompromising adherence to ethical principles; Able to demonstrate honesty in all actions; Able to admit and correct mistakes promptly; Able to assume full responsibility and accountability for own actions
• ADAPT: Able to maintain effectiveness by changing personal behavior and work routines / habits in response to new circumstances and requirements
• SHOW DIVERSITY AWARENESS: Able to be aware of diversity in the workforce and customer base; Able to understand cultural differences and perceptions; Able to show acceptance of, and respect for, the differences in others; Able to avoid intolerance or encouragement of behaviors that devalue an individual because of differences
• BE PROFESSIONAL: Able to project a positive, professional image with both internal and external business contacts; Able to create a positive first impression; Able to gain respect and trust of others through personal image and demeanor
• BE RESOURCEFUL: Able to be willing to adapt to shifting priorities, multiple demands, ambiguity, and rapid change; Able to develop new approaches to work systems or problem-solving; Able to maximize use of available resources to achieve the best results consistent with company objectives; Able to know who to go to and make use of others' expertise
• DELIVER QUALITY RESULTS: Able to deliver top quality service to all customers (internal and external); Able to ensure all details are covered and adhere to Jabil’s policies; Able to strive to do things right the first time; Able to meet agreed-upon commitments or advises customer when deadlines are jeopardized; Able to define high standards for quality and evaluate products, services, and own performance against those standards
• BE ANALYTICAL: Able to effectively gather all relevant information; Able to identify key issues; Able to qualitatively and / or quantitatively process data; Able to identify relationships, draw logical conclusions and interpret results for use in decision-making
• BE A QUICK STUDY: Able to quickly learn and apply new information, skills and processes; Able to build on current knowledge and skills; Able to gather information from the appropriate resources to develop and execute plans when entering new situations


• Understanding of internal audit standards, procedures, techniques, risk assessment practices, and frameworks such as COSO.
• Understanding of accounting principles and techniques (for auditors working on financial based audits), basic IT knowledge, or other specialty areas (e.g., security, fraud investigation).
• Basic critical thinking and analytical skills to help evaluate information received and identify critical trends in the information being reviewed.
• Understanding of the technical aspects of GAAP, financial reporting and other accounting/auditing procedures
• Proficiency with the Microsoft Office suite of products


• Bachelor’s Degree required preferably in Accounting, Finance, Business Administration, or related field
• 2 - 3 years of full-time work experience related to accounting, finance or an equivalent combination of experience, education, and training
• Experience in public accounting/audit, strongly preferred
• Professional designation (CISA, CPA, CIA, CFE) or eligibility preferred

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