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Social Care Worker Monaghan

Camphill Communities

Camphill Communities Monaghan Ireland

3 weeks ago

Location: On site / Cornamucklaglass, Ballybay, Co. Monaghan, Ireland

Job type: Permanent / Full-Time

Sector and subsector: Medical & Healthcare | Social Care / Social Worker

Annual Salary Range: from € 33,612.00 to € 35,713.00

Camphill Communities of Ireland (CCoI) are recruiting for:

Social Care Worker

Camphill Communities of Ireland are seeking to hire a Social Care Worker . This is an exciting opportunity for someone who is looking for a new challenge.

Purpose of Post

The primary purpose of this role is to provide a safe and effective service to the residents within your care through the implementation of quality and safe processes and systems within the house or houses that you are responsible for. This includes oversight of Social Care Assistants and Volunteers.

This role is required to effectively implement compliance with all statutory requirements as well as quality and safety requirements in a person-centred way arising under service agreements with the HSE and any... other funding or oversight bodies. The person appointed to the post should be innovative and dynamic and should report on a regular basis on the quality of service offered, identifying issues and areas which require attention or improvement.

The position requires a high degree of understanding and commitment to the residents and to Camphill Communities of Ireland. The prime consideration at all times must be for the welfare and wellbeing of the residents. This position requires a high degree of professionalism. Confidentiality with regard to residents and staff is most important.

The Social Care Worker must have the ability to work with people with an intellectual disability and must believe that the person has the right to live and participate in the community equally with other people. The Social Care Worker lead, in co-operation with the Person In Charge will be responsible for the overall growth and direction of the residents and ensuring the daily requirements of a safe and effective service is evidenced in line with national policy and procedure.

The person appointed must be highly responsible and reliable, be competent in household management and have the ability to create and maintain a homely and supportive environment. The position requires a maturity enabling the person to resolve conflict and can understand and empower people with sometimes quite divergent points of view.

The person appointed should be flexible in their approach to service provision and should have the ability to lead and work as a member of a team. They will be required to take an active part in ensuring that the day-to-day operations of the Service reflect the ethos and vision of CCoI and that all staff are meeting the needs of the individuals supported by the Service. They will be required, whilst setting a personal example by attitude, conduct, practice, and leadership style to carry out the duties of the post outlined hereafter.

The Social Care Worker shall be responsible for the following:

Advocacy & Rights

1 Respect each person who uses the services as an equal citizen.

2 Uphold and respect the human, legal and constitutional rights of each person who uses the service, recognising their individuality and equality, and empowering them to grow, thereby achieving the highest possible level of personal autonomy.

3 Facilitate, encourage and develop the choice and decision-making skills of people who use the services.

4 Facilitate, encourage, and develop the self-advocacy skills of and opportunities for involvement in advocacy for people who use services.

5 Enable each individual supported by the services to pursue and maintain their individual hobbies and interests.

6 Foster, encourage and develop the self-help and social skills of each individual supported by the services so as to achieve the greatest degree of autonomy possible.

7 Facilitate each individual supported by the services to actively participate and integrate into the community, through the use of generic community facilities.

Person Centred Support for Living

8 Ensure a person-centered approach to service delivery and this is recorded and evidenced effectively in their daily report.

9 All daily reports are to be reviewed by the Social Care worker Lead to ensure accuracy and oversight and signed off at all times.

10 In the context of the individual person-centered plans support people who use the service with aspects of individual and group service responses including:

o Occupation and leisure activities

o Communication

o Behaviour support plans

o Independent living skills

o Social Integration and the use of community facilities

o Personal Care

o Personal Development

o Quarterly Circle of support meetings to be scheduled and completed with CMSN’S centric to this process led principally by there will and preference.

o Annual review to be scheduled end of each year.

11 Act as a Key Worker for specific individuals. Ensure regular documented sessions of engagement in line with the persons needs, identified goals and specific care requirements.

12 In consultation with the individual take the lead in developing and implementing person centred plans for those individuals for whom you act as key worker and ensure that the needs identified are appropriately addressed and participate in residents’ reviews as required.

13 Ensure all medical appointments are coordinated and supported.

14 Ensure a healthy and nutritious diet is offered and takes individual choice into account.

15 Develop and implement appropriate training, leisure, social, and personal activities for individuals within the service area.

16 Facilitate individuals to actively participate and integrate into the community, through the use of generic community facilities.

17 Ensure that all behaviour support plans that are put in place by the Multidisciplinary Team are carried out and adhered to.

18 Foster, encourage and develop the self-help and social skills of each person so as to achieve the highest possible degree of personal autonomy.

19 Ensure that people who use the service have an awareness of required personal hygiene and personal appearance standards and support them in attaining such standards. This may include the participation in and support of individualised personal hygiene programmes including personal care.

20 Support the individual by ensuring appropriate:

o Physical support – moving and handling, fire safety, cleaning, laundry, infection control, mobility, and communication needs.

o Personal care – dressing, bathing, toileting, assistance with eating, sleeping support, skin care, first aid, and health promotion.

21 Facilitate and encourage participation of individuals in recreational and leisure activities.

22 Share duties and support the residents by liaising with the relevant workshops to make sure house to work transitions are managed according to the individual’s needs.

23 Contribute to and participate in social and recreational activities of people who use services and liaise as appropriate with Day Services Coordinator.

24 Achieve competency in driving the assigned transport and participate in transport duties as required.

25 Encourage and promote each person’s full participation in their home while at the same time ensuring that their home and its environs are maintained to acceptable standards where each resident has access to comprehensive, person-centred and holistic personal support.

26 Encourage and promote the involvement of individuals in the prudent management of their personal monies in line with the Residents Finance Policy.

27 Encourage and promote the participation of individuals in buying, preparing, cooking of meals and packed lunches as required.

28 Ensure that the religious and pastoral needs of each individual are adequately supported.

29 Administer prescribed medications and maintain all required records in keeping with organisational policy.

30 Assist the Person in Charge in ensuring, the day to day running of the household and that practices within the house are person centred and are in line with value-based practices.

31 Ensure that buildings are well maintained and in good repair and bring any issued about the home to the Person in Charge.

32 Ensure that the personal clothing of individuals is looked after and cared for and that the household and bed linen is changed and laundered regularly.

Management and Leadership

33 Ensure that all legislative, CCoI policies, and regulatory requirements (including Health & Safety Act and HIQA regulations and standards) are adhered to.

34 Ensure a clear and comprehensive work planner for that day is completed scheduling support staff, appointments and assigned to job tasks for the day or week ahead.

35 You will need to ensure and engage in continuous monitoring, inspection and audit of the designated centre as assigned to you by your Person in Charge.

36 Ensure that all records in relation to individuals who use services are up to date, correctly filed and managed as per CCoI records management system.

37 Provide active support and assistance via 1:1 supervision as outlined by your Person in Charge.

38 Performance management issues are to be notified directly to your Person in Charge.

39 Attendance at all House/ Team meetings as scheduled to ensure the safe and effective delivery of service is required.

40 Ensure that all reports, timesheets (TMS) and financial statements are accurate, completed and returned on time.

41 Maintain complete and accurate records for each person to include the personal needs assessments, risk assessments, incidents and notifiable events, file notes, communication plans, behavioural management support, health action plans, medication management and financial records.

42 Ensure immediate and accurate reporting of all matters of concern to the Person in Charge (PIC).

43 Be responsible for the physical and emotional wellbeing of individuals who use the services.

44 Coordinate the house team by ensuring that there is always adequate cover for resident’s support and organise schedules as required.

45 Lead and support all staff and volunteers within the house team and assist in the process of induction and training of same.

46 Ensure throughout your shift that you contribute actively to the team while providing consistent and quality support for vulnerable adults.

47 Ensure that policies, procedures, and codes of practice of the CCoI are adhered to by all supporting staff. Concerns regarding the abilities or understanding of these policies are to be notified directly to your Person in Charge.

48 Utilise efficiently the transport services available to the service area and advise the appropriate staff on transport needs.

49 Where required monitor and manage the attendance of students assigned to the house and report any concerns as necessary to the Person in Charge

Money and Budgets

1 Ensure that all petty cash and the personal monies of individuals are properly accounted for in line with relevant policies and procedures.

2 Ensure the management and reconciliation on your shift is completed daily in line with financial policy and signed by you.

3 Be responsible for maintaining a petty cash float, keeping relevant records, and ensuring that accounts are checked and balanced.

4 Ensure that goods and services received are efficiently used for purposes intended, and that all such goods and services are properly accounted for.

5 Assist the Person in charge in the preparation and monitoring of budgets.

6 Be responsible for the house accounts, which include custody of monies, managing income and expenditure, petty cash, and individuals’ personal monies (in line with the CMSN’s financial policy).

7 These accounts are to balance and checked at the end of each shift. At the end of each month these records having been double checked and correct are submitted to the services office for processing.

Qualifications, Knowledge & Experience

Applicants must:
• Hold a minimum of a Level 7 on the QQI Framework – BA in Social Care Studies or equivalent qualification in Heath or Social Care.
• Have 2 years experience of working with vulnerable adults or adults with intellectual disabilities.
• An understanding of current policy and developments at national and sectoral level in relation to Social Care within disability services.
• An ability to follow, evaluate and contribute to the further development of plans and methods to meet the ongoing needs of individuals supported.
• Effective interpersonal and communication (verbal and written) skills.
• Proficient IT skills relevant to the role, to include Microsoft Office Excel, Word, SharePoint, OneDrive and Teams.
• A full driver’s licence and availability of own car is an essential requirement.

What we offer:
• Competitive salary with Sunday and Bank Holiday premiums
• Pay scales
• Career progression opportunities
• Work/life balance
• Paid annual leave
• Refer a friend scheme
• Employee Assist Programme offering advice and counselling
• Death in Service Benefit
• Paid mandatory training
• Paid travel expenses

Details of the Role:

Salary Scale: €33,612.80 -€35,713.60. Waking and sleeping night rates apply also.

Location: Ballybay Community A75 EO65

Duration: Fulltime 40 hours – Permanent

Closing date: 5pm on Wednesday 31st May 23

Candidates shortlisted for interview will be contacted by the 5th June 2023 for interviews being held on week of the 12.06.2023

Please note all posts are subject to Garda Vetting relevant Police check for any country of residence of over 6 months from age of 18 and reference checking.

Camphill is an equal opportunities employer
Monaghan Ireland

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