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Personal Learning Assistant Malaysia

The Energy Source

The Energy Source Malaysia Malaysia

2 weeks ago

The Energy Source (TES) is a one-stop child development centre providing both educational and multidisciplinary therapy services and support to children of all abilities in Malaysia as part of an integrated service.

TES is looking for Personal Learning Assistants (PLAs) to join their growing team. The PLA's focus will be to assist and support learning, promote independence and keep students with special education and general learning needs on task at school. The PLA will be trained, supervised and work under the guidance of The Energy Source's specialist team to implement agreed work programmes with an individual student.


1) To support an individual student
• To support their development, and learning and promote their independence in a safe and secure environment
• To identify the particular needs of the child and seek advice from parents, therapists, teachers and other external parties as required to aid successful integration into school activities both inside... and outside the classroom
• Provide custom-made/modified materials as required e.g. worksheets, games, visual prompt cards etc.
• To be responsible for implementing the targets on the students Individual Education Plan (IEP) in liaison with the class teacher(s) and the special educational needs coordinator
• To provide learning support for students in class or in 1:1 situations
• Where possible, provide feedback to students in relation to their progress and achievement (no reinforcers)
• To observe, record and support the development and progress of students
• Attend in-service training and meetings relevant to the post in order to keep up to date with developments in working with children with special educational needs

2) To support the teacher(s)
• To work as part of a multidisciplinary team to ensure that the well-being and personal development of the student enhance their learning opportunities and life skills
• To liaise with other professionals to ensure an appropriate and effective learning environment
• To listen, support and discuss issues sensitively with parents and carers and to participate in feedback sessions/meetings with parents
• To plan a daily/weekly programme of lessons, activities and events in order to support students and adjust lessons/work plans as appropriate
• To attend planning meetings with the teachers, parents, therapists etc. to develop learning programmes and to assist in the delivery of individual learning programmes
• To provide regular feedback and reports to the teacher, special educational needs coordinator and, where necessary, relevant outside parties about students difficulties/challenges, progress and goals
• To monitor and evaluate students responses to learning activities through observation and planned recording of achievement
• To be responsible for keeping and updating records in accordance with TES' standards, contributing to reviews of systems/records as required

3) To support the school
• To educate and promote the inclusion and acceptance of all students within the classroom and to organise and maintain an inclusive learning environment across the whole school
• To promote positive values, attitudes and good student behaviour, dealing promptly with conflict and incidents
• To foster links between home, school and other, relevant environments
• To supervise students on field trips, outings etc. as appropriate
• To be aware of and comply with policies and procedures relating to child protection, health, safety and security and to refer all concerns to the teacher, lead, manager and/or director immediately
• To treat all information relating to a student as strictly confidential, and to be aware of and comply with TES and school policy and practice
• To establish constructive relationships and communicate with other agencies/ professionals
• To attend relevant courses and learning activities in order to update knowledge as appropriate

4) Other

To carry out any other duties considered reasonable by the lead, manager and/or director.

• A degree in Education, Special Education or Psychology desired
• SPM, GCSE or equivalent qualifications in Maths and English
• Training in aspects of special educational needs and/or previous working experience with special needs desired
• Excellent oral and written communication skills (English)
• Knowledge and understanding of the different social, cultural and physical needs of students
• Interest in child development and how children learn and behave
• Patient, friendly and empathetic in nature
• Able to work in a school environment being flexible and adaptable to change
• Willing to work school hours e.g. 7.30 am - 3.30 pm

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