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Position Summary:

This position is responsible for all supporting activities in departmental management.

Key Responsibilities that determine the performance of this role:

· Tender Management

- Review the tender specifications to ensure all measurements and quantities are accounted for to achieve realistic commercial value of each project.

- Conduct call of quotations to invite approved / preferred / new subcontractors' participation for competitive tenders.

- Review CS, architectural and M&E drawings to ensure special requirements and annotations are taken into consideration and complete in the tenders.

- Consult and align Construction team on the scope of tender submission; highlight and seek agreement on special requirements or unusual scope.

- Communicate clearly on assumptions made during bill of quantities preparation.

· Contract Management

- Prepare contract documents for sign off by respective parties and ensure accuracy and completeness; follow through on project... warranty approval.

- Re-measure complete quantities (RC, archi, civil and precinct) with full sets of drawings and specifications.

- Prepare and evaluate actual project quotations from vendors, and submit for management's approval.

- Administer the issuance of LOI, LOA, letter of undertaking and work order to ensure formalization of engagement with receipt of respective architect’s instructions.

- Administer project variation orders (VO) and submit the project final account for review.

· Project Management

- Manage project registration and ensure all parties duly sign off necessary documents.

- Manage project insurance to ensure complete risk coverage.

- Conduct and/or participate in all project meetings (i.e. handover, technical, client's meets, etc.) to communicate, update and align to achieve smooth project execution.

- Provide data to project personnel for wastage control.

· Financial and Commercial Management

- Manage the process of progressive subcontractors' payment and finalization of subcontractors' final account.

- Monitor deduction for materials bought on behalf of subcontractors/suppliers.

- Process all vendors' payments and reconcile any discrepancies in due course.

- Prepare for construction budget approval and review working budget twice a year.

· Vendor Management

- Update and maintain list of vendors.

- Conduct pre-qualification for new vendors.

- Negotiate with vendors on additional ad hoc site works.

- Evaluate the performance of each vendor upon project completion.

Core Competencies that determine the success of this role:

· Communication

- Seek to understand before responding (e.g. actively listen and ask clarifying questions).

- Demonstrate appropriate communication during difficult, stressful or emotional situations.

- Actively keep supervisor and team members up-to-date on work and pending projects to ensure alignment.

· Productivity

- Know what the work priorities are and act on them (e.g. take ownership and accountability for results).

- Use technology to improve personal productivity and performance.

- Produce high-quality, thorough, and complete work quickly and efficiently, even under pressure.

- Organise available resources and complete tasks within stipulated time.

- Exercise judgment to make changes in work processes to improve productivity and efficiency within own area of control.

· Relationship Building

- Able to work with people of different styles and personalities.

- Exhibit tactfulness, diplomacy and respect in dealing with other team members.

- Proactively offer input and participate actively and openly with others.

- Work towards resolving differences and raise conflict issues to appropriate authority level.

- Open to feedback and give feedback constructively.

· Strategic Thinking

- Anticipate and plan for foreseeable developments in own scope of work.

- Understand the department/project plans and objectives in the business process.

- Create short term plans/tactics to perform well on the job.

· Problem Solving and Decision Making

- Collect the right type/volume of information to analyse a problem (avoiding analysis paralysis).

- Arrive at logical conclusions based on facts, circumstances, and sound reasoning.

- Breakdown issues and identify core components in a problem within own scope of work.

- Able to adapt decisions based on new and changing information.

· Leadership

- Maintain high level of self-awareness and demonstrate corporate maturity.

- Motivate self and others through personal influence, enthusiasm, and positive energy.

- Take ownership for behaviour and display integrity.

- Display a passion for learning via direct feedback, training and coaching.

- Seek out opportunities to demonstrate personal leadership.

· Corporate Responsibility

- Demonstrate appropriate behaviours to uphold the company's image, reputation and credentials (even during non-office hours, in both physical and online space

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