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Production Manager Egypt

Egyptian Tabletop Trading company ETTC

Egyptian Tabletop Trading company ETTC Egypt Egypt

1 month ago

Creative Production Manager/AbraCadabra Brand

AbraCadabra is looking for an Production Manager

Our ideal Production Manager candidate will be able to:
• Manage and evaluate entire production process
• Contribute to creative production designing, planning and budgeting
• Lead and monitor quality assessments to ensure customer satisfaction
• Maintain a safe production environment.
• Establish and facilitate departmental procedures which in turn enhance the production and efficiency of the department while supporting safety policies and procedures.
• Implement, oversee and control the production schedule.
• Supervise, review and revise staff scheduling, if required.
• Monitor and regulate staffing needs to ensure optimum staffing levels are supporting production schedule and the business demands.
• Oversee consumable and product stock and tracking productions for increased financial effectiveness.
• Implement cost control programs or procedures
• Audit and implement policies/procedures... and production levels in the product processing department. This will also include warehousing/storage of all products
• Provide excellent customer service
• Work under time constraints to meet specific timelines


experience CREATIVE leader to overlook the daily production operation.

The ideal candidate will have experience managing both a production facility and a team with a creative eye for detail and high sense to design.

They should be able to analyze each step of the production process and make effective use of resources to deliver desired outcomes.

The candidate will also have an ability to follow safety and compliance guidelines diligently.
• Bachelor’s degree in Fine Arts, Applied Arts or similar is A MUST
• Post requires exchange of information / persuading / negotiating on a daily basis across various communication methods.
• Proficient in Microsoft Word, Excel, and PowerPoint.
• Planning and organization skills The ability to work in a logical, systematic manner to effectively run and monitor the production process.
• Problem Solving: The ability to act decisively and solve staff or equipment-related problems. The capacity to grasp complex concepts easily.
• Communication: Ability to communicate effectively and professionally with our staff and customers, both verbal and written. ICT literacy to deal with various technologies and programmes. Attention to detail to ensure high levels of quality.
• Accountability: Ability to identify measures of performance and actions needed to improve or correct performance, ensuring accuracy and documentation
• Leadership: Ability to delegate, set expectations, and monitor progress of all direct reports
• Dress code is usually business casual, but you'll need to dress more formally when meeting suppliers, managers or business people.
• You may need to travel between sites (Workshop, Head Office and Stores

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